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When I got my super cute pink Cricut Explore Air 2 last Fall from HSN, it came with a year subscription to Cricut Access™. I have made several projects with the online database so far, but I feel like I need to do more. I want to make as many Cricut Access™ projects as I can before my subscription ends. I have a strong feeling I will want to renew it though because the available projects and cut files are amazing! I’m going to attempt to do one project per week as time allows, starting with this Baby Chicks Easter Card. How sweet are these cute little chicks!?

Baby Chicks Easter Card handmade card craft tutorial for our Make It with Cricut Access series

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Baby Chicks Easter Card


  • Lavender Cardstock
  • Light Yellow Cardstock
  • White Cardstock
  • Cricut Explore or Newer
  • Standard Grip Cutting Mat
  • Cricut Access™ Standard
  • Cricut Scoring Stylus
  • Cricut Candy Shop Pen Set
  • Cricut Tools Weeder
  • Glue Pen

Baby Chicks Easter Card Materials

Baby Chicks Easter Card steps

one: Find the Baby Chick Easter Card project in Cricut Access™ in Design Space™ and click Customize. The size is fine and all, but I like to be able to make adjustments if I feel like it. You can also save the project here.

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 1a

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 1b

two: Click “Go” and you will see that Design Space™ has moved your images around. That’s usually fine. If you don’t like the positioning, however, you can move them on this screen, too. You will notice some of the layers have scissors, some have what looks like a calligraphy pen, and then what looks like another pen. The calligraphy pen is the one for writing, the other one is actually for the Scoring Stylus. We won’t talk about the card I made with little black lines drawn all over it at the fold points.

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 2

three: Place your lavender cardstock on the cutting mat. This first part will just cut the square of lavender. Design Space™ will prompt you to switch paper and pens, etc. later. Make sure your dial is set to cardstock! Click “Go.” Follow all the regular prompts to cut this layer.

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 3a

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 3b

four: Once that’s done it will move on to the next layer. Place the white cardstock on the mat and put the Scoring Stylus in the pen spot A. Follow the regular prompts to cut this layer. They don’t recommend Fast Mode for intricate cuts like this one. You may need the Weeder Tool to get the tiny pieces apart. I personally prefer their Spatula Tool to pull off the detailed cuts. It slides right under and gently lifts off the card.

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 4a

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 4b

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 4c

five: Now place the yellow cardstock on the mat. This layer will use all three functions: cut, score, and write. It will score first, then pause to change the Scoring Stylus to the Cricut Pen.  Make sure your pen is snapped all the way in or it won’t write. Once you switch, Click the “C” start button again. It will draw the flowers then cut the card.

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 5a

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 5b

six: You can glue the lavender square to the back of the card, but I chose to first emboss it with the Swiss Dots embossing folder and Cricut Cuddlebug™. I think the extra dimension adds a lot to the look of the card.

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 6

seven: Once dry, fold the card in half along the scored line.

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 7

eight: Fold the envelope along the scored lines and glue the sides and bottom together.

Baby Chicks Easter Card Step 8

That’s it! Clearly, all the Cricut pros out there don’t need a detailed tutorial like this, but I know for a fact there are a large number of brand new Cricut Explore owners out there who have no idea how to make a lot of these projects. We plan to help you with that. Sometimes you need more than a pretty photo to know how to make an awesome craft. Also, as a bonus, you can ask us questions and we will answer them. Little booklets and internet photos cannot. We hope you enjoyed the first project in our Make It with Cricut Access™ series. This Baby Chicks Easter Card was a great way to start I think. Definitely come back next week to see what we make next. If you are scrolling through Access™ and see a project you’d like to see made into a tutorial, we are always open to suggestions.

Baby Chicks Easter Card Complete

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Baby Chicks Easter Card Feature

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  1. I love the embossed dots and I think they make this card extra special. I have a Brother cutting machine and there are some projects in their database. I really should go check them out instead of always taking the hard way to create things from scratch.

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