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For Drew’s Harry Potter birthday party I made all of the kids magic wizard wands. The wands were a big hit with the kids and their parents. The wands were super easy to make out of chopsticks and what I had in my leftover craft supplies. The great thing about these wands is that you can either make them all the same or each one different. Remember to be creative! All the below were just random, “Hey, I wonder if this would look cool!?” thoughts. I personally like the hot glue ones and the seed bead ones. Most of my Harry Potter loving friends like the “Dumbledore” wand the best. It’s all about what you’re most comfortable with really. Below I will show you how to do the simple “Dumbledore” wand and the Hot Glue wand(s). For the seed beads, I just put glue on one end and coated with beads. (I told you this would be easy!)



(Everything is optional except the chopsticks)

  • Chopsticks
  • Hot Temp Gluesticks & Gun
  • Brown paint
  • Beads
  • Seed Beads
  • Wood Stain
  • Craft Glue
  • Embroidery String

Dumbledore Wand –
This one is very simple.

Step 1: Wrap the embroidery string around the top, middle, and end of the chopstick.

DD wand

Step 2: Either leave unpainted or paint over string with brown paint.

2 wands

Hot Glue Wands –

Step 1: Use either a plain or a pre-painted chopstick, at the top of the stick squeeze hot glue on the top and let it run down the sides. I did this all the way around letting it cool in between for a layer look.

Step 1 wand

Step 2: If you decide to top with a bead of some kind keep in mind that you will have to hold the bead on to the stick until the glue dries on the side. Let this harden before you choose to cover the top of the bead.

wand tops

That’s it! I know this isn’t as detailed as some of our tutorials, but this project isn’t too complicated. Please let me know if you have any questions!! If I excluded anything, that doesn’t mean you can’t try it.

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Be Inspired!

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