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Using silky soft thick yarn makes this Luxe Yarn-Wrapped Heart Wreath stand out as a posh new addition to your Valentine’s Day Decor.

I’ve been hankering to make a yarn-wrapped wreath for a while now, but I didn’t want to just completely rehash what we’ve all seen done many times–it’s a classic! I grabbed this heart-shaped wreath form while at Joann’s and just figured I’d try and use some of that loop yarn to make it cute. The problem was, I couldn’t find red loop yarn in the stores, so I just kind of forgot all about it.

It wasn’t until I was Michael’s paying my usual homage to the yarn aisle that I found this yarn. It really stood out because the color almost glowed right there on the shelf. It screamed “buy me!” so I felt like I had to at least feel it. I was expecting a scratchy feeling because the yarn kind of reminded me of those yarn ribbons we used to wear in our hair in the late 1900s. Remember those!?

So I was super shocked when I shoved my fingers into the yarn, as we do, and holy moly was it as soft as silk! The first word that instantly came to my mind was luxurious. It felt absolutely luxurious in my hands and I had to buy it.

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Luxe Yarn-Wrapped Heart Wreath Materials

Luxe Yarn-Wrapped Heart Wreath Steps

1: Start wrapping the yarn around the heart-shaped form to the left of that bottom point of the heart. I didn’t glue it down at all, I just held the end of the yarn in place until I wrapped the yarn around it a couple of times to seal it in. You could also start on the right side of the point, I just wanted to make sure I got 100% coverage on the point so the white foam didn’t show through the red yarn.

2: Continue wrapping the red yarn around the foam heart shape, keeping each wrap close to the one before it.

In fact, I decided after wrapping the first curve of the heart that I liked how the yarn looked better when I unwound it a bit and wrapped the yarn flatter against the foam as shown below.

3: Continue wrapping the red yarn around the foam heart until you reach your starting point.

4: I decided to wrap it around a second layer because it made a noticeable difference, but if you are fine with just one, skip to Step 5.

5: Cut the yarn, leaving a four-inch tail to tuck back into the other yarn.

6: Take your scissors and weave the closed blades in between rounds of yarn to make an opening to poke your yarn tail through.

7: Poke your yarn tail through and secure it at the base with hot glue. Use your scissor blades to press the yarn down onto the wreath. That hot glue will absolutely seep through the yarn and burn your fingers, so be careful!

8: Inspect the wreath to see if you have any gaps and see if you need to scoot the yarn around at all. Look for any hot glue strings and remove them.

9: Since my metal wording was made of galvanized metal, I decided to paint it because it was too country looking compared to this luxe red yarn.

I ended up using some paint I had on hand called Rose Chrome, but use what you have. Any metallic paint like gold or silver or rose gold would look nice enough to pair with this yarn.

I painted three coats total because my paint was thinner, but just paint however many coats you need to get the color or look you want. You can also paint this before you starting wrapping your heart with yarn so the paint has time to dry while you work.

10: Let the wording dry completely while you make a loop to hang your wreath on a wall or door. Cut a six-inch length of the red yarn, fold in half to make a loop, then hot glue the last two inches or so of the loop to the top, back of the wreath. I used the scissor blades again to really mash the loop of yarn into the wreath’s yarn well.

And that’s it! Making this Luxe Yarn-Wrapped Heart Wreath was super easy and so fun to make. I feel like I want to go back and find more of this posh feeling yarn for some other projects maybe or even for a blanket. I think it would have to be one of those hand/ finger knit chunky blankets, though, because this would be a very challenging yarn to crochet.

As for using this luxe yarn for a different type of wreath, I think using the Cream or Grey shades wrapped around a circular wreath, with or without embellishments, would look so classic and cozy. I’d wrap the yarn around as many times as I could until I ran out of yarn making it super fat and chunky. I can just picture it!

And felt flowers would look so lovely over that, too. Ooo, pink and white felt flowers would have looked so pretty on this heart wreath as well! Too late for that, but I will have to ponder making a circle wreath later.

Luxurious is definitely the feeling and look this yarn gives for this Luxe Yarn-Wrapped Heart Wreath, though, making it perfect for you to decorate with for Valentine’s Day.

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