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Our middle school PTO likes to occasionally give our teachers little treats throughout the year. Recently, they’ve had a lot of extra stress from new testing for students, so we decided to send a little luck their way, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, with this Lucky Teacher Appreciation Gift.

You can also easily adapt these for many other purposes and occasions like Girl Scout Bridging or a Rainbow Party by simply changing the tag. Speaking of the tag, below you can download a FREE printable PDF of them with 10 per page.

Lucky Teacher Appreciation Gift St Patricks Day Craft Tutorial

These instructions are for making one gift. We made 75, so keep in mind you may not need giant tubs with thousands of Sixlets. We purchased all of the candy from Party City. They have a large candy section, arranged by color and bins full of individual candy that allowed us to buy only what we needed. If you’re only making a couple of these, you’d be fine to buy a few 6-packs of Sixlets versus the tubs or larger packets.

Lucky Teacher Appreciation Gift Materials

  • 2 Pieces of Rolo Candy
  • 10 Miniature marshmallows
  • 18 Each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple Sixlets candy
  • Wilton Pretzel Bag
  • Green curling ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Printable Tag (FREE Download!)
  • (Optional) small funnel or Ziploc snack bags

Lucky Supplies

Lucky Teacher Appreciation Gift Instructions

Step 1: Place two pieces of Rolo candy at the bottom of the pretzel bag.

Lucky Rolos

Step 2: Place ten miniature marshmallows in the bag, on top of the Rolo candies.

Lucky Marshmallows

Step 4: Place all 18 purple Sixlets in the bag, on top of the miniature marshmallows. Place 18 blue on top of the purple. Repeat for green, yellow, orange, and red, in that order.

Lucky Sixlets

Step 4: Use the twist tie that comes with the pretzel bags to tie the bags closed.

Tip: twist the top of the bag and try to gently compress the candy so it doesn’t slide around in the bag and mix the colors.

Lucky Twist Tie

Step 5: Print the tags and cut them out along the dotted lines. You can choose to print an entire sheet from the free PDF below or from a single image.

Lucky Teachers Tags

Lucky Teachers Tag

Step 6: Punch a hole in the tag above the shamrock.

Lucky Hole

Step 7: Cut a 12-inch piece of curling ribbon and poke it through the hole in the tag.

Lucky Ribbon

Step 8: Tie the ribbon around the twist tie and double knot it. Curl the ribbon with the edge of your scissors.

Lucky Curl

Now all you have to do is decide which teacher or teachers will get this Lucky Teacher Appreciation Gift. Have fun making and deciding!

Lucky Finished

Warning: you may want to buy some extra Sixlets for yourself! They are delicious!

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Be Inspired!

4 thoughts on “Lucky Teacher Appreciation Gift”

  1. Oh i love this! So clever and so easy! Definitely pinning for next year! Or maybe even just tweaking it for teacher appreciation –my daughter’s teacher loves rainbows.

    1. Thanks Shana! I agree. This can be used for all kinds of things. The original inspiration used large fruit chews in rainbow colors, but I know the teachers prefer chocolate. If you’d like any tags made to say something else (for free), just let me know and we’ll feature those on the site, too.

  2. Such a cute and easy idea that anyone would love. Thanks for sharing on the Spring Craft Blog Hop! Hope you can join us for the third series starting tomorrow for Easter.

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