Making This Candy-filled Lightbulb Teacher Gift is the Brightest Idea!

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Instead of giving the usual apple-themed items this school year, give these Candy-filled Light Bulb Teacher Gifts and watch their faces light up!

Believe it or not, summer break is over here in sunny Florida. School starts in a couple of days and before we know it, it’ll be Christmas. But for now, I’m focused on going back to school.

I found these cute plastic fillable light bulbs at (I wanna say) Michael’s a couple of years ago. I’d love to say I had a “lightbulb moment” when I spotted them, but no, I just knew I had to grab them.

Later on, I saw some candy-filled ornaments and then I got the spark for this fun project. Light bulbs are a much better representation of teachers’ roles in our lives, right? Plus, they’re two gifts in one, because these make super cute Christmas ornaments as well.

All I needed to do was find some yummy yellow candy and I’d be set. Party City is the place for that by the way. You can find a variety of candy options, organized by color. Sweet! Now let me show you how you can easily make one or several of these.

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Candy-Filled Light Bulb Teacher Gift Materials

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Candy-Filled Light Bulb Teacher Gift Steps

1: Print out the fun tags I made for you on white cardstock. Just click on one of the linked versions below to open the Free Printable PDF document to print. Each version uses a different font but they all use the same phrase and design.

Free Printable PDF Tags
Version 1 (As seen in the photos)
Version 2

Oh, and before you print, each PDF is two pages. The first page has multiples and the second page has just one single tag. That way you don’t waste ink if you’re only making one. So adjust your printer settings accordingly.

2: Punch or cut out your tags.
The printed tags have a faint gray circle you can use to guide you as cut them with regular scissors or you can go old school and use some zigzag scissors. You can also use a 2-inch circle punch or a circle cutter. Crafter’s choice. And of course, you can use your cutting machines, but I bet I could hand cut these faster than it takes to set all of that up.

3: Punch out circles with your 2.5-inch circle punch and the yellow cardstock.

4: Use the tape runner to put adhesive on the back of the white circles and stick them to the yellow circles.

5: Use the tiny hole punch to punch a hole at the top center of the tag.

6: Cut 6 inches of the thin silver cord. Cut more if you need extra space to tie the knot in Step 8.

And poke the silver cord through the tiny hole on the tag.

7: Carefully open the lightbulb and fill it with the yellow candy, but not too much.

8: Feed the silver cord with the tag attached through the loop at the top of the bulb and tie it off with a simple square knot. Trim off any extra if it’s too long.

That’s it! Like the title says, these Candy-Filled Light Bulb Teacher Gifts are Quick & Simple to make. I also like that I went old school with the punches and the zigzag scissors. It reminds me of great times with my PTO friends when we used to make all kinds of creative and punny little treats and gifts for the teachers.

These are great for putting together assembly-line style, too.  And if your teacher isn’t a fan of lemon jelly beans, you can always use yellow M&Ms or another yellow candy or anything else yellow that would fit. What would you use to fill it?

Your student can be the brightest bulb in the box when they show up with this Candy-Filled Light Bulb Teacher Gift!

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