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For this month’s Craft De-Stash Challenge, I decided to tackle a project I have been procrastinating on for I can’t remember how long. The materials for this Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath have been languishing in their original Michael’s bags in the corner of my craft room for months. Okay, maybe languishing is overly dramatic, but they’ve been sitting there taking up space. Part of my reluctance was fear of failure. Despite all of my crafty knowledge and my wreath making skill, I’ve never actually made a traditional floral wreath. I know, what!? Well, while I may be a Jill-of-all-trades in the craft room, I do not, in fact, know how to make everything. Are you making the shock face? So, without further ado, here’s how it went:

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Craft Tutorial

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Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath


avender & White Floral Spring Wreath Materials

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath steps

one: Spray paint the grapevine wreath form on both sides. Spray painting it was so, so much easier than I anticipated. It sprayed into all of the nooks and crannies of the vines very well and I only needed one coat on each side. Plus, it dries pretty quickly.

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Step 1

two: Take your wire cutters and trim the stems from the bunch at the base. If you don’t have wire cutters handy, needle nose pliers have wire cutters built into them.

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Step 2

three: Lay your white flower pieces on top of the wreath for to get an idea of how you want them to be permanently attached. Do this with your lavender flowers as well. Once you have an arrangement you like, take a quick snapshot so you can refer to it as you go along.

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Step 3a

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Step 3b

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Step 3c

four:  One at a time, weave the white flower stems through and around the grapevines, all pointing the same direction, leaving a large enough gap for the lavender flowers. You may want to hot glue the end pieces down and out of site so they don’t slip out or use floral wire, but I found that weaving the flowers stems in secured them well enough.

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Step 4a

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Step 4b

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Step 4c

five:  Now do the same with the lavender flowers. I didn’t use all of the flowers from the bunch since I didn’t want to have lavender flowers all the way around the wreath.

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Step 5a

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Step 5b

That’s it! Making this Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath was far easier than I had imagined it would be. I must be thinking of the floral wreaths that use the foam forms. With the grapevine wreath forms, it’s easy to weave the stems of the flowers through it and secure them, as long as they’re bendable. This lovely wreath will end up in my bedroom since it matches all of my purple decor. I tried it on the front door, but it was just too pretty to leave out in this Florida weather. I also don’t want bugs and frogs in it. Yes, frogs. Florida is so much fun.

If you’d like 177+ more wreath ideas plus all the information you would ever need to know about making wreaths, Favecrafts is the definitive resource. Love that site!

Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Complete

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Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath Feature

17 thoughts on “Lavender & White Floral Spring Wreath”

  1. I need to update my front door. I love this. I haven’t noticed the chalk finish spray paint in the stores, I need to check that out.

  2. Don’t you just love it when a project that you have been wanting to make all comes together and then you kick yourself for not doing it sooner! LOL!
    Your wreath turned out beautifully! I love the colours that you chose. So perfect for Spring!

    1. Exactly! I’ve been kicking myself, lol. I still don’t know if I want to try one of those wreaths where you poke everything into the foam form and use wire and everything. That just doesn’t seem as fun (or easy.)

    1. Thank you, Jolene! Now I’m not as scared to make another. I saw a completed wreath at Michael’s today (where I bought the flowers) that used the exact same grapevine form and purple flowers and it was priced at $75!! Nope. Mine was more like $15 tops after coupons, etc.

  3. I love a good wreath and yours turned out so pretty! I have several grapevine wreaths, but have never changed the color of them. Will need to try that!

    1. Thank you, Jaime! I agree about changing the color of the grapevine form. Now you’ve given me an idea about using something besides white!

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