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Why not show everyone exactly how Irish you are this St. Patrick’s Day with this funny Kiss Me I’m Irish Wood Shamrock Sign!

Oh, do I have a project for you! For this fun project, I decided to only use things I already had in my hot mess craft room. Thanks to my superpower of not putting things away properly, I easily spotted some St. Patrick’s Day crafting blanks from last year and then to my right some stencil vinyl, and nearby some chalk paint.

Now would I have been inspired to make this Kiss Me I’m Irish Wood Shamrock sign if everything had been in its proper place? We’ll never know, lol.

I also had to put my own spin on this old, classic saying by adding my specific Ancestry DNA results. Just saying I’m Irish is too vague, any potential kissers need to know what they’re getting into with Scottish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic in the mix. I’m basically a Viking, right?

It might explain why my craft room looks like it’s been pillaged. Anyway, I used a very different technique for coloring the wood this time that I’m excited for you to see, so let’s get to it!

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Kiss Me I’m Irish Wood Shamrock Sign Materials

Kiss Me I’m Irish Wood Shamrock Sign Steps

1: Put some of the Ultra Dye into a small, disposable dish and then use the foam brush to apply a thin coat onto the wood shamrock. I made sure to include the sides and the grooves. Let it dry completely before you spray the sealer. I forgot to spray it and you’ll see what happened in Step 8.

Note: Ultra Dye will dye anything it touches, including your skin. So unless you want to look like you’re about to Hulk out, wear some gloves.

2: While that’s drying, open a new project in Cricut Design Space and type out the wording. I used the word groups “Kiss Me” “I’m” “36%” and “Irish” so I could size them, space them, and squeeze the lettering together more easily.

3: Now select each text block and change the font to one you like. I used a font I bought online called “October Twilight” but Cricut Access has tons of great free and paid fonts you can use. I then changed the “Kiss Me I’m” wording font to 60. I made the 36% a 90 font and the “Irish” word a 150 font. I also tilted the 36% a little to the left to give it some emphasis.

4: Once you have everything sized to fit your sign, Group the words and then Weld them. Click Make It, Cut, and then select Stencil Vinyl for your material on the next screen.

5: You’ll want to place a piece of the stencil vinyl big enough to give you a little extra room around the wording onto your light grip mat so it’s easier to use with the paint. It doesn’t hurt to have extra vinyl around the wording, it just makes it easier to keep from accidentally painting unwanted areas of the sign.

6: Once the wording is cut, weed out the actual words from the stencil vinyl, not the negative space like you usually would. It will be tempting to weed out the negative space because that’s what you usually do to make signs and t-shirts, but resist that urge or you will be redoing your cut. Don’t ask me how I know how tempting it is..

7: Use transfer tape to move the stencil over to your sign to make sure it transfers all of the little circles and teardrop shapes from the inside of the lettering. Smaller strips of transfer tape placed over those tiny areas actually work better than using a whole sheet as I did, though.

8: Again, before you start to paint your wording with the stencil, make sure you sealed that satin. Apply the paint to the stencil using a flat-edged foam pouncer. You want to work straight up and down to discourage paint from seeping under the edges of the stencil. Also, try to use very minimal paint with each coat. I applied two coats in total.

Oops: Because I forgot to spray a sealer over that dyed wood, guess what happened? Yep, It turned my pretty Linen paint into pale green paint. Sigh. Oh well, the green still looks pretty and I guess I could spin it as a “custom” paint color: 36% Green. Well, maybe it’s more like 15%. I did buy some of the Ultra Dye Varnish later on and it works really well, too.

9:  Once that white green paint is completely dry, carefully peel back the stencil to reveal your masterpiece. You’ll also need to remove the little, painted centers of some of the letters. Spray it with the sealer again for good measure.

10: If your shamrock has a hole at the top, cut 12 inches of ribbon and tie it off to make a loop to hang it.

That’s it! I love the way this Kiss Me I’m Irish Wood Shamrock Sign turned out. That Ultra Dye is really fun to use and I especially love how you can still see the grain of the wood while also adding a splash of color. It says on the container that you can dye wood or natural fibers with it, so I’ll have to experiment with it some more. I just need to take a Sharpie and write “sealer” on every container so I don’t forget. At any rate, this stuff is pretty awesome.

Ultra Dye would work great on all types of different wood projects, too, of course! Sometimes it’s nice to still see the wood grain peek through while also adding a pop of color. And besides, we don’t need to chalk paint every single solid thing in our houses, am I right?

So what do you think? Are you curious to try out this dye? Are you also only a certain percentage Irish but still want the St. Patrick’s Day kisses?

Even if you’re not Irish at all, this Kiss Me I’m Irish Wood Shamrock Sign will still work for you and it would be even funnier if it said 0% Irish.

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  1. Your sign is too cute and perfect for St Patrick’s Day, Marie! I had my dna done too and I’m 31% Irish. I think we all have some Irish in us – that’s why everyone wears green on that day! Ha!

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