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These Kids Felt Fall Leaf Napkin Rings are perfect for children to help make for your fall or Thanksgiving table. Depending on their age, they can even help paint the tube. They will definitely enjoy having a hand in the table decor for Thanksgiving either way. I found these adorable felt leaf stickers at Michael’s, but you can easily find similar items at most craft stores or Dollar Tree. You could also use foam stickers if you like. I found the ribbon at Dollar Tree and I got the remaining materials from my stash. You all have a stash of paper towel and toilet paper rolls, right!?

Kids Felt Fall Leaf Napkin Rings Craft Tutorial for your Thanksgiving Table

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Kids Felt Fall Leaf Napkin Rings




one: Cut a 1 1/2″ ring off the cardboard tube.


two: Paint the cardboard tube and let it dry completely. Remember the Fall Harvest Wreath I made? I used a piece of the scrap plastic to put my paint on as well as the tube while it dried.


three: Wrap the ribbon around the tube and cut, leaving a 1-inch overlap.


four: Glue the ribbon to the tube and then to itself where it overlaps. Let the glue dry completely.


five: Use a clothespin to hold the ribbon in place while it dries.


six: Stick the leaf stickers over the ribbon, all the way around the tube.



And you’re done! You’ll be able to whip a bunch of these Kids Felt Fall Leaf Napkin Rings out in no time. With kid help, it’ll be at least six hours. Kidding! (Maybe.) If leaves aren’t your thing, there are several other fun, fall-themed stickers to chose from. You can also find other materials besides felt, like foam or traditional stickers. If you wanted to get super creative, you could print out your own designs and then use glue dots to stick them to the tubes.


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