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I know I’ve mentioned my love of Target many times, but I seriously love all the craft items available in that little front area currently named Bullseye’s Playground. I think that’s such a mouthful. Let’s all rebel and call it the Bullseye! Anyway, on the same trip when I found the supplies for my Christmas Countdown Sandwich Board, I picked up the items for this fun banner. At the time, I wasn’t really planning, I just knew I wanted to make a banner. Well, let me tell you, if you wait a week or so like I did, there may not be much left if you need extra materials like me. I just ended up doing what I do best, improvising. They didn’t have a second package of the cream felt pennants, but they did have the burlap ones. Honestly, I like the look of the alternating fabrics for this Jingle Bells Pennant Banner much better anyway. Of course, you can make a similar banner using pennants from anywhere else, too. I picked up the jingle bells from Dollar Tree and when I carried the banner around, it sounded just like Santa’s sleigh. My son came running down the stairs all excited because he thought it was HIM!

Jingle Bells Pennant Banner Christmas Craft Tutorial

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Jingle Bells Pennant Banner




1: Even though these are sticker letters, I recommend using tacky glue to make sure the letters don’t peel off over time.


2: Place the J, N, L, B, L, and S on the felt (or first color) pennants.


3: Glue the I, G, E, E, and L on the burlap pennants.


4: Turn the burlap pennants over while they dry because the glue goes right through the burlap.


5: Weave the string through the pennants, in order, spelling “JINGLE BELLS.” Make sure the fabrics or colors alternate.



6: Cut the ribbon into 12, 6-inch pieces.


7: Thread each piece of ribbon through a jingle bell. You’ll have 12 total.



8: Tie each jingle bell around the banner string with a double knot. I placed one on each side of each pennant.



That’s it! Most of your time will be spent waiting for the glue to dry and in my case, trying to find the perfect place to hang it. Have you ever decorated with garland or banners for Christmas?


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