Bigfoot Cardboard Feet

One of the games we played for the Sassy Sasquatch Bigfoot Party was the Bigfoot Race, which required giant Bigfoot Cardboard Feet. While I got the idea off of Pinterest, as usual, none of the pins I found actually led to a tutorial. No surprise there. So I used my son’s foot as a starting point to figure out how big to make them.

This “race” was really fun and the kids were laughing their butts off as the giant feet flopped around when they ran. One tip I will pass along is to have them leave their shoes ON. The feet will tie on to their shoes much better and won’t slide off as easily.

Cardboard Bigfoot Feet Pin


  • Cardboard
  • Posterboard
  • Box Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Muslin Fabric
  • Scissors

Cardboard Bigfoot Feet Materials


Step 1: Use the pencil to sketch out a rough shape of a very large foot. It shouldn’t be to scale and will be somewhat wide. I suggest putting your foot down on the poster board on the floor and tracing around your foot, but at least four inches out. Don’t make the toes separate, just make them short little humps so they are more easily cut out. Use a child’s foot to mark lines where you’ll cut the slits for the ties, one on each side of the foot, midway.

Step 2: Cut out your posterboard template.

Cardboard Bigfoot Feet Step 2

Step 3: Use this template to trace the foot shape onto a flat piece of cardboard. I chose to make left and right feet pairs. To do this, simply flip the template over to trace the other foot. Be sure to mark them L and R.

Step 4: Use the box cutter to cut out all the big feet, including the slits for the ties.

Cardboard Bigfoot Feet Step 4

Step 5: Use the scissors to cut 1-inch by 18-inch strips of fabric. You’ll need two for each pair of feet. Poke the strips through the slits so that the two ends of the fabric are both on the top of the foot. Repeat for all the feet. We decided to use muslin fabric because it was the most cost effective and would be strong enough to hold up to the strain.

Cardboard Bigfoot Feet Step 5

That’s it! As I mentioned above, try to have the kids tie the Bigfoot Cardboard Feet on over their shoes for the best fit. Though, they work either way.

Cardboard Bigfoot Feet Finished

We also used the Bigfoot Cardboard Feet for a race of sorts, but they ended up running around in them for fun. You could do an obstacle course or a relay race, too.

Cardboard Bigfoot Feet Feature

You can watch them here:

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