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I knew I wanted to make a Halloween wreath this year, but I didn’t want to use burlap or deco mesh. I racked my brain and tried to think of the look I was going for and came up with an idea for this Spooky Skeleton Wreath that would be easy, inexpensive, and fun. Trash Bags! I know, it sounds like a terrible idea in writing, but once you cut them up, they become something else entirely. I do recommend getting smooth bags and not the special stretchy ones. Don’t go to the other extreme either with the super cheap bags–they won’t look the same.

I found the bigger Skull at Dollar Tree, the small skulls came in a bag from Michael’s, and I found the skeletons at the Base Exchange. So all in all, this project was pretty inexpensive to make. The wreath was probably the most expensive part. You could easily use a different base, but you might have to adjust the measurements and it may not create the same “fluffy” look of this wreath. Of course, you could also change out the skulls and skeletons for equally creepy objects. Let this be your inspiration!

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Halloween Craft Tutorial
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Spooky Skeleton Wreath Materials

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Materials

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Instructions

Step 1: One at a Time, unfold the black trash bags and lay them out flat, then cut the bottoms off each one.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 1

Step 2: Cut them into four-inch strips lengthwise. The two side pieces will need to be split in half lengthwise so they aren’t eight inches wide when unfolded.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 2

Step 3: Take one of the strips and use the clear packing tape to tape it to the wreath at a slight angle.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 3

Step 4: Wrap the strip around the wreath, making sure no white foam shows through.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 4

Step 5: Once you get to the end of that strip, use the packing tape to stick it to the wreath.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 5

Step 6: Start again with a second strip, taping it over the other piece at a slight angle. Repeat for a third strip. Trim off excess. I used two and a half strips to cover the whole wreath.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 6

Step 7: For all of the remaining strips, cut them into 12-inch pieces. When you cut them, bunch them up slightly so the edge is slightly jagged. It’s okay if you cut them slightly longer than 12 inches occasionally, but anything shorter will be difficult to tie and won’t look as nice.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 7

Step 8: Tie the 12-inch pieces around the wreath with a double knot.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 8

Step 9: As you tie the pieces around the wreath, skew and turn them so the knots aren’t lined up perfectly. This will give the wreath a fuller look.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 9

Tip: Watch out for pieces with words printed on them. Nothing will scream “Hey, I’m a trash bag” faster than those words showing.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Tip 1

Step 10: Tie all the pieces onto the wreath, but leave a two-inch opening at the top.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 10

Your wreath will look like this once all the strips are tied on.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath All Tied Up

Step 11:  Use the spray glitter on the skulls and skeletons. Remember, as with all spray paints, you need to protect your surface and spray outside or in an area with good ventilation. Don’t spray too closely. A couple of coats will do it. You won’t see the shimmer of the glitter until they are dry. Let them dry for about 30 minutes.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 11

Step 12: Hot glue the big skull to that two-inch opening you left on the wreath. Make sure the skull is facing straight out and not down. The curves in the skull and the wreath can make it tricky.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 12

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 12b

Step 13: Hot glue a small skull on each side of the large skull. Before you glue them, pull the tied strips aside to make an opening.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 13

Step 14: Hot glue a skeleton on each side of the wreath, underneath each small skull. I recommend putting the glue on the tailbone and lower spine. Repeat this pattern with the small skulls and skeletons.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 14

Step 15: Hot glue a skeleton into a sitting position at the bottom of the wreath. I put the hot glue on the hands and bottom of the tailbone.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 15

Step 16: Optional: if you want to add a loop to hang the wreath, insert a small paintbrush or skewer into the tie at the top center of the wreath to leave an opening. Thread a piece of  ribbon through and tie off. Remove the stick.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Step 16

That’s it! I had fun making this Spooky Skeleton Wreath, how about you?

Spooky Skeleton Wreath Finished

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