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As some of you may know, I’m terrified of spiders. So every Halloween I decorate my house with an army of spiders in every shape and size just so I can freak out every time I walk in and out of my door. This time, I wanted something a little different, though. I’ve seen so many cute versions of spiders I thought I’d try my hand at a Sparkly Pumpkin Spider. Maybe all the glitter will make it seem friendlier!

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Sparkly Pumpkin Spider



Sparkly Pumpkin Spider Steps

1: Use your sharp, pointy object to poke three or four holes on each side of the pumpkin so you have six to eight holes total. You can use another long metal object to make the hole large enough to fit the chenille stems if needed. Make sure you see if they fit before you add the glitter. You will be glad you did!


2: Lay down some newspaper or plastic to protect your surface from the glue and glitter. With the pumpkin sitting upright, use the spray adhesive on a small section. Sprinkle some glitter to cover the area you sprayed. Repeat in small sections. You can use the stem to tilt it around so you can get good coverage. Don’t worry about the bottom–it won’t be seen and may stick to surfaces. Tip: Shake the can of adhesive before each time you spray it to help it spray evenly.



3: Let the glittered pumpkin dry until it is no longer sticky.


4: Once your glittery pumpkin is completely dry, insert the chenille stems into the holes. Loop and bend the ends to make into feet.



5: Adhere the foam eyes and mouth to the pumpkin. If your foam pieces have a sticker backing, I’d still use glue. They tend to fall off. You can use scissors to cut these shapes or they sell them pre-cut at most craft stores. If they don’t have glitter foam, just use some glitter glue in similar colors to add some sparkle. You can also cut these shapes to have a more sinister shape if that floats your boat.


Easy Peasy. This Sparkly Pumpkin Spider is so much fun! While I wouldn’t recommend having small children mess with glitter, kids of most ages would enjoy helping put on the foam accents.  The spider webbing is completely optional. It almost looks like a nest. NOT something I want to think about! You can find most of these supplies, including the jumbo chenille stems, at Michael’s.


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