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The only thing I like more than Target is their Bullseye area at the front of the store. The craft and decorative items you can find there are good quality and super cute, most for $3.00. I seriously have to make myself walk away! When they put out their Christmas items, I grabbed one of their mini chalkboard sandwich boards for $3.00 and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! Don’t fret if you missed out and they’re all gone, I just spotted some mini chalkboard sandwich boards in the wood aisle at Michael’s. They’re unpainted and a buck or two more unless you have a coupon. This Christmas Countdown Sandwich Board craft is so easy and quick to complete!

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Christmas Countdown Sandwich Board Craft Tutorial

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Christmas Countdown Sandwich Board



Christmas Countdown Sandwich Board Steps

1. You won’t see this in the materials photo, but you need to find a chalkboard font that you like and print out the words to use as a reference. I used a free font called Sketch Block. Make sure the printed words fit within the width of your sandwich board. If you’re great at hand lettering and spacing, great! I’m not. My first attempt ended in failure when I ran out of space for “Christmas.” So, trust me, print out the words.



2. Use the pencil to sketch out the words. I even held the paper up to the board to make sure I got the sizing right. Boy, “Christmas” is a long word!


3. Use the white paint pen to trace over the pencil lines to make the letters. If you are filling in the letters like I did, fill them in as you go.


TIP: If you mess up with the white paint pen like I did, you can paint over it with black chalkboard paint, BUT, you need to use a black paint pen to cover the white first. The chalkboard paint will NOT cover it, even after four coats.

4. Use a piece of standard chalk to write the number of days until Christmas. This is a perfect task for the kiddos to do. Pictured are those cool EK Success mini chalk writers, but I didn’t end up using them. They wouldn’t write on the board and left scratch marks.


I know, super easy, but only IF you don’t make the mistakes I did.


This project would also be cute with vinyl-cut letters or sticker letters. Can you think of a different way to put the saying on there? If you’re buying one of the unfinished boards, you could paint it gold and then use glittery letters for a more glam look, too. I love lots of options and this Christmas Countdown Sandwich Board delivers!

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  1. This mini countdown calendar is adorable! I’m going to have to look for the tiny easels. I’d be honored if you shared this or any of your other kid-friendly posts over at the Made for Kids blog link party on my site.

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