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Create a beautiful Hawaiian Lei Wreath using a different technique than simply wrapping leis around a wreath.

After my church had a luau we had lots of leis leftover. I didn’t want to see them thrown in the trash so I took them home. Surely I could find a purpose for them, right?

I poked around on Pinterest for ideas and I came across this cute wreath idea from Darice. I liked the fullness of the wreath but I didn’t like the idea of having all those little plastic spacers showing on it.

So, for my Hawaiian Lei Wreath, I wanted to try something a little different to create a denser look with the flowers. You’ll have to see how I made mine below!

Hawaiian Lei Wreath Feature

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Hawaiian Lei Wreath Materials

Hawaiian Lei Wreath Materials

Hawaiian Lei Wreath Steps

1: Cut the strings on six of the leis and deconstruct them, making a pile of just the silk flower bits. If you find this isn’t enough flowers, just cut up a couple more leis.

Hawaiian Lei Wreath Step 1

2: One at a time, take a ball head straight pin and poke it through the hole of one of the flowers and then poke it into the wreath form. The ball head color on the pin doesn’t really matter because you won’t be able to see them.

Hawaiian Lei Wreath Step 2

3: For the rest of the pin flowers, poke them in close to each other, leaving very little space between them.

Hawaiian Lei Wreath Step 3a

Make sure to keep the petals of the flowers sticking up, though, as you work around the wreath.

Hawaiian Lei Wreath Step 3b

I only covered the front and sides, leaving the back empty and flat.

Hawaiian Lei Wreath Step 3c

4: If you don’t have a wreath hanger on your door, you can tie a ribbon loop around the top to hang it.

This Hawaiian Lei Wreath was super simple to make, and even though it seems like it’d be time-consuming, it actually only took me about an hour and a half to make.

That’s it!  This one is mostly primary colors because those are the leis I had on hand, but you could easily change the entire look of this wreath just by changing the lei flower colors.

You could also add all sorts of different Hawaiian or Luau-themed decorations to spice it up, but I prefer it without.

I think my technique gives it a fuller, more luscious look and doesn’t seem too campy or over-the-top Hawaiian. So would you try it? I can’t lie, it’s pretty fun to stab that wreath form a bunch of times.

Hawaiian Lei Wreath Complete
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14 thoughts on “Hawaiian Lei Wreath”

  1. I love Hawaiian themed crafts and this lei wreath is fantastic. I think cutting up the wreath and pinning it on the wreath form uses less flowers than the original tutorial. Great wreath!

  2. Pretty sure I would have thrown the leis in a bag with the intention of making something and then promptly forgot all about them. Like what you did and really like how it adds something different to your door. Don’t think I have ever seen this before. Great for spring!

  3. I really thought it would have taken longer. 1.5 hours isn’t too bad for a wreath that looks as fabulous as this one. You know I love bright colors. pinning!

  4. What an adorable, colorful upcycle wreath to make, Marie! Great thinking on your part to save some of the decorations from the Luau! It looks fabulous on your door!

  5. Yes I would try it! It sounds like a relaxing thing to stab a wreath, it’s like crushing Oreos with a rolling pin- so fun! lol! I think this wreath looks so full and colorful. I’m seeing a summer wreath in my future. Love it & Pinning!

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