Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings

I finally cracked open my new Cricut Maker! I was so reluctant to give up my Explore Air 2 because I knew how to use it well and didn’t look forward to the learning curve I’d have with a new machine. Of course, testing out a new machine the evening before something was due wasn’t my brightest idea, lol, but I think these cute Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings are worth all of my facepalm moments in the past 24 hours. The great part is that I can share with you all of the issues I faced and hopefully spare you some heartache in the process. I will say, once I figured out my blade problem, these earrings were super easy and quick to make.

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings DIY Cricut Craft Tutorial for St. Patrick's Day
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Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Materials

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Materials

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Steps

1: Open a new project in Design Space and search Images for “shamrock.” I found this one right at the bottom. You’ll need Cricut Access to get this image for free.

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Step 1

2: Get rid of the second layer. Insert a heart shape and resize/ rotate to fit into one of the clover leaves. Duplicate it three times and rotate/ position those hearts into their own leaves.

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Step 2

3: Insert a circle and resize it to fit into the center of the shamrock. You’ll see that I made another tiny circle for the earring, but don’t bother, it won’t cut it. Unless you know the secret, lol. I’ll have to research how people are cutting tiny holes into leather later.
Group all the images together then resize to be approximately 1.5 inches wide.

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Step 3

4:  Attach the images together and then Duplicate it. Flip one of them vertically.

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Step 4

5: Load your Deep Point Blade into your machine. Place your leather square, gold side down, onto the mat and load it into the machine. It says to use a Strong Grip Mat, but I had a new, sticky Standard Mat that worked perfectly fine.  Select Custom Material and Metallic Leather.

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Step 5a

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Step 5b

NOTE: The packaging instructions said I needed to use the new Maker only Knife Blade, Cricut’s website, however, said to use the Deep Point Blade. When I initially went to cut these, I had the Knife Blade loaded and got an error message in Design Space to load the Deep Point Blade instead. I didn’t have one of those. I bought the $$$ Knife Blade because I thought that’s what it was &$@#ing made for. Nope. Despite the packaging saying the Deep Point Blade is for the Explore, it also still works in the Maker. It’s what you have to use to cut all the thicker materials like foam and felt and leather. But why not the $$$ Knife Blade I bought specifically for that purpose? I don’t know yet, but I intend to find out. Rant over.

6: Cut the earrings and remove them from the mat. You’ll likely need to “dust” them off or remove any excess material from the back of the leather. (Later on, I sprayed the backs with a clear sealer to keep them from shedding further.)

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Step 6

7: Insert one earring hook into each Shamrock, into the top open heart.

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Step 7a

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Step 7b

That’s it! These Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings took less than 10 minutes to make, not including designing them. I think they’d make a nice subtle but festive accessory for St. Patrick’s Day or really any day you need a little extra luck! The fact that they are lightweight just adds to the appeal. Larger (ish) earrings can be fun, but not if they’re so heavy the drag your earlobes down. They measure only 1¼ inches long from the earlobe, so they’re not that big, though. You could easily resize these to be much bigger if that’s your style, too. So what do you think? Would you sport these lucky leather earrings?

Gold Shamrock Leather Earrings Complete

If you’d like to see even more fun to make ideas for handmade earrings, you definitely should visit All Free Jewelry Making. They have loads of projects for all kinds of different earring styles!

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  1. These are super cute! I was happy to give up my Explore for the Maker just because it didn’t always cut great. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the Maker. I’m intrigued by this because what does the knife blade cut? Just wood? I love Cricut, but I always need something new.

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