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One of my favorite crafts to make is painting fun wooden shapes for holidays. One of my favorite mediums to use once I’ve painted them is definitely glitter. And of all the glitter colors out there, black glitter is my absolute favorite. As I said on my Instagram post recently, black glitter is my spirit animal, lol. (You can find our Instagram Feed in our sidebar on the right.) This Glittered Witch Hat Halloween Decor makes me smile from the inside out when I look at it with all its beautiful black glitter and my second favorite, purple glitter!

I found this fun wooden witch hat shape in Target’s Bullseye section for $3 (of course), but since they don’t sell those items online, I found one comparable on Amazon for you. And even though I mention it down below, I want to praise the quality of Martha Stewart Craft’s Beetle Black acrylic paint. I’ve been crafting for decades and honestly, this is the only black craft paint I haven’t had to use several coats to get full coverage. With the black beetle, it just takes one and you’re done. That’s my opinion, I’m not paid to praise it. Do you have a “go to” paint you love to use? Give me a heads up and I’ll check it out. Let’s get started. You’ll need a few hours for this, so be prepared!

Glittered Witch Hat Halloween Decor Craft Tutorial

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Glittered Witch Hat Halloween Decor




1: Paint just the hat portion black. Let the paint dry completely before applying any other coats. I painted only one coat of black because the Martha Stewart Beetle Black acrylic paint is awesome that way. Don’t forget to paint the edges and back!





2: Paint the hatband purple. Let the paint dry completely before applying the next coat. I painted three coats of purple.



3: Paint the buckle silver. Let the paint dry completely before applying the next coat. I painted two coats of silver.


4: You will have to have patience and let each color of glitter dry before you move on to the next color. Apply Mod Podge to all the areas you want black glitter.



5: Sprinkle the black glitter generously over all of the Mod Podged areas.



6: Give it about 30 seconds then turn the hat on its side and tap off any excess glitter.


7: Use a dry brush to brush off any glitter from the other areas. Let the glitter dry for at least 30 minutes.


8: Return the extra glitter back to its container.


9: Cover the black glittered areas with paper to keep the purple glitter from bleeding over. I don’t recommend using masking tape because it will just lift the glitter right off. Apply Mod Podge to the purple hatband.


10: Sprinkle the purple glitter generously over all of the Mod Podged areas .


11: After about 30 seconds, while holding the paper in place, tip the hat on its side to tap off any excess glitter.


12: Use a dry brush to brush off any glitter from the other areas. You can also brush off any purple glitter from the black because you were patient and let it dry. Let the glitter dry for at least 30 minutes.

13: Return the extra glitter back to its container.

14: This is where I was going to apply silver glitter, but I thought it looked much better with just the silver metallic paint, so go take a break!

15: (Read Step 16 before you do this step) Apply Mod Podge to the entire glittered area of the hat, BUT use different foam brushes for the black and purple areas. If you don’t, your chocolate and peanut butter will mix. Let it dry until the Mod Podge turns from white to clear.


16: Okay, since I’m always honest with you guys, I will say, I was almost in tears when I saw how much that clear coat dulled the black glitter. It was still super shiny, but not as sparkly. Sooo….


17: Either skip Step 15 or apply another coat of Mod Podge and black glitter like I did. The only downside is that now the glitter isn’t sealed in and it could flake off.


Whew, that’s it! It always tries my patience when I paint and use glitter like with this Glittered Witch Hat Halloween Decor project. The final outcome makes it all worth it, though. There are two other Halloween wood shapes I got in the Bullseye, a Sugar Skull and a Pumpkin. Come back in the next couple of weeks to see what I’m doing with those.


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    1. Thank you, Alexis! I can’t wait for Target to put out these wood shapes for each season and holiday. I have some other projects where I’ve used them, but I try to do something a little different each time. You’ll have to come back and see what I do with the pumpkin one soon.

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