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I kept checking and checking again in Target’s Bullseye’s Playground (a.k.a. The One Spot), to see if they had put out their Easter decorations and crafts. It looks like they might be putting stuff out a month and a half or so before the holiday, but don’t quote me on that! At any rate, I managed to make it in on a day they were stocking their shelves. I was not disappointed! I had to stop myself from grabbing one of everything. One of the things I spotted right away was a cardboard, paper mache, Easter Egg form for $3. I knew instantly I wanted to make it into a Glittered Easter Egg Decoration. My last few crafts weren’t very sparkly, so this was the perfect opportunity. You can find everything else at your craft store, but you’ll likely have to go to a fabric store to find the sequined band.

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Tutorial


  • Cardboard Egg Form
  • Glitter Paint in Pastel Colors
  • Matching fine Glitter
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Rose Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Sequined Stretchy Cording in Matching Color

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Materials


I tested several different paint combinations on a paper towel tube to see how the glitter paint showed up on the brown of the egg form. It didn’t show up well at all. So, my tests concluded that putting a primer of white first helped all the colors show up much better.

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Step 1a

Step 1: Paint the entire front, back, and sides white. Let it dry completely. It shouldn’t take long. I painted two coats total.

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Step 1b

Step 2: Now paint over all of the white with the rose gold. Let it dry completely. I painted two coats total.

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Step 2

Step 3: Decide which colors you want to put where. Mix the glitter paint and fine glitter together, one at a time, as you use them, so they don’t dry up.

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Step 3

Step 4: Paint your selected areas with the different colors of glitter paint. If it doesn’t seem bold enough or glittery enough, paint another coat. Can you have too much glitter!? I painted four coats total. Let the glitter paint dry completely.

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Step 4

Step 5: Measure the sequined cord around the outside edge of the egg, leaving a few inches extra. Cut a second piece the same length if your egg is wide enough to fit two side by side.

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Step 5

Step 6: Hot glue the first sequined band around the egg, leaving space for the second beside it.

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Step 6

Step 7: Hot glue the second sequined band around the egg, next to the first.

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Step 7

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Complete

Glittered Easter Egg Decoration Close Up 1

That’s it! I love it when crafts are quick and simple! I also love all things glitter and sparkle. Is Glitter Encrusted something people say? If so, that the perfect description for the finished project! I plan to use this Glittered Easter Egg Decoration on my dining room sideboard, along with other Easter decorations I’ll make (and buy).

How would you have decorated this egg?

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