Geom”egg”tric Easter Egg Coloring Flip Book

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Do you have fans of coloring and geometric shapes in your house? Tired of the same old patterns used for Easter eggs? Well, we have the perfect coloring book for you! My daughter is so much more artistic than me, so I challenged her to create some fun, geometric shapes inside of eggs for everyone to enjoy. Just click on the image directly below to bring up the PDF. Instructions on how to assemble the Geom”egg”tric Easter Egg Coloring Flip Book follow. Have fun coloring!

Geomeggtric Easter Egg Coloring Flip Book Printable

Geomeggtric Easter Egg Coloring Flip Book Free Printable

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Geom”egg”tric Easter Egg Coloring Flip Book


Geomeggtric Easter Egg Materials


one: Print out the Geom”egg”tric Easter Egg Coloring Flip Book. Add the blank sheet of printer paper to the bottom of the stack.

Geomeggtric Easter Egg Step 1

two: Make sure all the edges line up and staple twice along the left-most border line.

Geomeggtric Easter Egg Step 2

three: Open each page and crease them so the pages lay flat.

Geomeggtric Easter Egg Step 3

four: (The best part.) Color all five eggs.

Geomeggtric Easter Egg Step 4

Geomeggtric Easter Egg All Eggs

five: On each page, cut along all four dotted lines up to the page fold.

Geomeggtric Easter Egg Step 5

six: Have fun flipping each part to create even more fun egg designs!

Geomeggtric Easter Egg Step 6a

That’s it! We hope you enjoy our FREE Geom”egg”tric Easter Egg Coloring Flip Book. We love this versatility of this craft so much. It allows kids to use all kinds of different mediums to create to their heart’s content. You could even print it on cardstock and let them use paints if you’re feeling adventurous.Geomeggtric Easter Egg Step 6b

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