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If you asked me what craft supplies I tend to accumulate the most, I’d have an easy answer: paper and yarn. It’s so hard to resist beautiful paper and fun, new colors of yarn! So for this blanket, I used up some yarn I bought last Fall to make this super-soft Constellation Crochet Blanket. As with the Linen Stitch Blanket and Berry Stitch blankets I made, this was for one of the kids I work with every week. This particular little girl absolutely loves outer space and wanted a blanket that looked cosmic but wasn’t black. I couldn’t find any blanket yarn (my favorite to use) in the colors I wanted, so I made my own variegated yarn by combining two different colors. A larger crochet hook is all I needed to change, and well, the number of stitches per row since two strands together make a bulkier yarn.

Constellation Crochet Blanket Crochet Pattern Craft

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Printable Pattern

Constellation Crochet Blanket 


Constellation Crochet Blanket Materials Constellation Crochet Blanket


Approximately 51″ x 43″ Finished


3 single crochet stitches = 2 inches


Take one strand of each of the blue and purple yarn, combining them into one big strand and Chain 60.

1st Row: Single Crochet into the 2nd back loop from the end. Repeat until the end of the chain.

2nd Row: Chain 1. Turn and single crochet into the back loop only of the 2nd stitch. Continue the single crochet to the end of the row. Note that since you combined two strands, your back post will actually be two loops, one blue and one purple.

3rd Row: Chain 1. Turn and single crochet into the front loop only of the 2nd stitch. Continue the single crochet until the end of the row.

Repeat this row pattern for 68 rows. Tie off the end. The back loops should always be done on the same side and the front loops on the same side. The back loop side is the “top” and should look somewhat like a cable knit pattern as shown. The “back” side will just look like smooth single crochet stitches.


With the front facing towards you, tie the two-strand combo onto both of one of the single crochet stitches on the last row, using both loops this time. Place a  half double crochet stitch in every stitch until you get to the corner. Use three half double stitches in the last stitch of the row, then continue around to the side. On the sides, I placed 1 half double stitch into the end of each row. Continue around the entire blanket once and tie off and weave in the end.

Constellation Crochet Blanket First Row
Constellation Crochet Blanket First Skein


Look up the constellation you want to see how to arrange your stars. My girl was born towards the end of October, so hers is Scorpius. Use the different sizes of safety pins to mark the different sizes of stars in the constellation by pinning them to the blanket front. Then use pieces of the grey yarn to make “asterisk” type stars, weaving the grey yarn in and out of the topmost stitches. You don’t want the grey yarn to show through on the back. Finally, join the stars together by weaving the grey yarn through the topmost stitches. Tie off and weave in both ends.

Constellation Crochet Blanket Safety Pins
Constellation Crochet Blanket Stars
Constellation Crochet Blanket Stars Formation
Constellation Crochet Blanket Stars Connected

That’s it! This little girl was so beyond excited to see her blanket that her eyes teared up, then mine teared up, but then I told her there’s no crying in space so we both laughed. People keep asking me why I make these blankets for the kids I work with and I don’t really have an answer beyond that it makes me happy and it makes them happy and that’s more than enough for me. So when it comes to buying more yarn for my ever-growing stash, I always think about which kid would like that color and eventually I’ll make a blanket with it.

Constellation Crochet Blanket Complete
Elle Marie Home Be Inspired

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Constellation Crochet Blanket Feature Image

12 thoughts on “Constellation Crochet Blanket”

  1. This is such a fun blanket! I to acquire way too much yarn, I have bins of it in the basement because I have too much for my craft room to hold!

  2. “it makes me happy and it makes them happy” You’re absolutely right! That’s really all that matters. It sounds like the blanket will be treasured for many years. Thank you for the tips to lay out a constellation. Those colors are beautiful together! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. How creative and unique, Marie! What talent! It’s amazing how you can personalize a little girl’s love of outer space into a lovely blanket for her! You are so thoughtful and giving!

  4. Marie, that blanket turned out awesome! I love that you mixed two colors of yarn together and that you personalized the blanket for your little girl in such an awesome and unique way. Keep on doing what you do. You are such a good person! Already pinned it, of course.

  5. What a great idea to personalize the constellation on the blanket. It’s lovely. I’m always super impressed by those of you who can create fabulous crochet projects. Pinning.

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