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I’ve always loved all the bright colors in Mexican serapes, but I also love all the bright colors used for fiestas and Cinco de Mayo celebrations in general. I thought that combining the festiveness of a fiesta with the beautiful colors of a serape into a fun wreath would make for an eye-catching  door decoration. This Fiesta Serape Wreath definitely fits the bill. What’s great, is you don’t have to use expensive ribbon or materials. I once again used my plastic table cover method. You should definitely look into your party stash to see what colors you might have on hand or even hit up Dollar Tree. For this project, though, Amazon had all the bright colors I needed.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Craft Tutorial Cinco de Mayo Party Decoration

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Fiesta Serape Wreath


Fiesta Serape Wreath Materials

fiesta serape wreath steps

one: Unfold the first part of the white plastic table cover so that the shortest side is still folded. It should be approximately 14 inches by 108 inches. By leaving this part folded, it will be much easier to cut.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 1

two: Then cut off two, four-inch wide white strips. Unfold the strips.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 2

three: Now take one of the white strips and use the clear packing tape to tape it to the wreath at a slight angle.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 3

four: Wrap the white strip around the wreath, making sure no foam shows through.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 4

five: Once you get to the end of that strip, use the packing tape to tape it to the wreath.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 5

six: You’ll start again with a second white strip, taping it over the end of the first piece, at a slight angle. Trim off any excess plastic. I used two of these strips to cover the entire wreath.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 6

seven: Go Back to your white table cover and cut another two 4-inch strips. Fold each strip in half a couple of times, then cut fringe half way up as pictured. The edges of serapes often have a white, fringed trim. If you have Fringing  Scissors, this will be even faster.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 7

eight: Now cut three, 4-inch strips off of the bright colors of table covers. Then cut 12, 4-inch strips off of the black table cover.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 8

nine: Measure and cut each strip into 12-inch segments. I used zigzag scissors because I thought it would give the wreath a cool look, but feel free to cut the edges smooth or you can bunch them up and cut them.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 9

ten: Starting with one white strip, tie it around the wreath form in a double knot.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 10

eleven: Continue tying the different colored strips in double knots around the wreath in a color pattern. You can make your own pattern or use mine. Repeat the pattern all the way around the wreath six times, making sure to skew the knots and cover the white on the wreath form. SO many knots…

My color pattern: 1 white, 2 dark blue, 1 black, 2 turquoise, 1 black, 2 green, 1 black, 2 lime green, 1 black, 2 orange, 1 black, 2 yellow, 1  black, 2 red, 1 black, 2 hot pink.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 11a

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 11b

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 11c

twelve: For this step, I could have made flowers out of table covers, like you would with tissue paper, but the ones I tried out just blended in too much with the wreath. Luckily, I had some faux red roses left over from our DIY Sugar Skull craft that I could use to embellish the wreath. Use your imagination here and if you have some mad flower making skills, go for it! I simply clipped off the buds and hot glued them to the wreath. I pulled back the tied plastic pieces before I glued the roses on, though.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 12

thirteen: I always make a little loop used for hanging the wreath out of leftover plastic strips. Since I had black leftover, I used black. Simply use a stick to make an opening to slide the strip through and tie it off.

Fiesta Serape Wreath Step 13

That’s it! I love how colorful this Fiesta Serape Wreath turned out! Let’s face it, we’re more likely to decorate with serapes than to wear them, lol. Besides, since this version is plastic, you can hang it on your door or outside and not worry about it getting wet. Bonus!

Fiesta Serape Wreath Complete

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