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Make this Feather Boa Halloween Wreath in minutes, for under $10, using Dollar Tree supplies!

I am so excited to share this wreath craft with all of you! I’m still in awe of how cute this Feather Boa Halloween Wreath turned out, especially because it cost me less than $7 to make. Yes, you read that right, $7. You may have already guessed, but Dollar Tree was my craft store of choice for this particular project.  You really can’t beat Dollar Tree’s prices when it comes to Halloween decorations and craft supplies.

When I bought these feather boas, they had other color choices like purple and black and solid black, so you could easily change it up to suit your style. The spider is also easily changeable to another spooky accent. Dollar Tree has a whole slew of them to choose from. I had to have a spider, though, because spiders are the theme for most of my Halloween decorations. Oh, and you can make this in about 10 minutes flat, so on top of being inexpensive, it’s quick and easy to make. Score! Let’s get started.

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Feather Boa Halloween Wreath Materials

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Feather Boa Halloween Wreath Steps

1: The feather boas I got have strings at each end, so to start, I simply tied the string tightly to the wreath form.

2: Wrap the feather boa snuggly around the wreath form, but not too close together.

3: Once you reach the end of the first boa, tie that first end string to the second beginning string. Try to keep from tying it without a large gap between the feathers.

Continue wrapping and tying until you’ve used all four boas, and covered the entire wreath form. Keep in mind that if you use a larger wreath form, you will definitely need more feather boas, and conversely, if you use a smaller wreath form, you will use fewer feather boas.

4: For added strength, once you reach the end of the final boa and after you have tied it to the wreath form, apply hot glue to the string to stick it to the wreath form.

5: Cut 18 inches of black ribbon.

I used a sparkly black ribbon, but you could easily use black string or cording instead. I wanted the ribbon to match the spider, but that part is just my preference. In fact, if you use a metal wreath form (see below) you likely won’t even need to add a ribbon or tie to hang it.

6: Loop the ribbon around the top of the wreath and glue (or tie) the two ends together.

7: Apply hot glue to your Halloween accent piece and stick it to your wreath where you’d like. My spider was the perfect size for the center of the wreath, so I applied glue to all eight legs and stuck them to the wreath.

If you don’t want to deal with trying to hot glue anything to feathers (I get it!) you could hot glue chenille stems (also found at Dollar Tree) to the ends of the feet and then tie those around the wreath form. This would also give you the option to swap out the featured creature later down the road.

Final Thoughts on this Feather Boa Halloween Wreath

That is seriously it! Wham, bam, craft over. I don’t mind saying a million times, fun & cute crafts do not need to cost a ton of money and take days to make.

This Feather Boa Halloween Wreath is the perfect example. I’m already thinking of different themes for other feather wreaths (like this Easy & Thrifty Mardi Gras Wreath.) I think a pink or blue one would be cute for a baby shower…heck I think you could use this idea for just about every holiday.

You can also use this feather boa wrapping technique on just about every other type of wreath form. I’ve personally also tried it on metal wreath forms (it’s super easy to tie the strings to these forms,) but I’d imagine it would also work on straw forms, brass ring forms, MDF or wood forms, and even a coat hanger wrapped in plastic bags. Use what you have on hand!

What other types of feather boa wreaths can you think to make? I really want to make a purple one with a black cat in the middle. I think it would be a great compliment to this spider one.

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Use feather boas and other seasonal items found at Dollar Tree to make a festive wreath for Halloween today!

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