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I made these Faux Wood Party Favor Bags for our Sassy Sasquatch Bigfoot Party. I wanted them to be cute, but to also have that woodsy, outdoor look like the rest of the party. I know that party favor bags and their contents can easily get out of control price wise, so we came up with some pretty thrifty ideas.

We used sky blue tissue paper because that was the accent color for this party, but you could easily switch that out for any color, including a natural brown. Inside each bag, guests received a magnifying glass and a mini flashlight from Dollar Tree, a mini clipboard with notepad from Michael’s for $1, three mini Ziploc bags with scat and hair samples (chocolate Candy Melt and clump of fur cut from a fur fabric piece), and a cool Branch & Twig pencil  from Amazon, 10 for $9.29.

To make the bags themselves, I found the chipboard stencil at Target, as part of their Hand Made Modern collection. The brown paper gifts bags are three for $1 at Dollar Tree. I had a hard time finding the footprint stamps but finally found them at Joann’s. The brown ink is Michael’s store brand.

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags craft tutorial. Camping Bigfoot Outdoors party.


  • Brown Paper Gift Bags
  • Wood Grain Stencil
  • Brown Colored Pencil
  • Footprint Stamps
  • Brown Ink

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags Materials 1

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags Materials 2

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags Materials 3

This stencil set gives you tons of options for making your party favor bags as well as other party decorations.


Step 1: Place the stencil over the brown paper bag and using the brown colored pencil, draw out the wood grain design. Repeat on the other side.  Also, I tried to use paint the first time around, but it didn’t work well for these bags.

TIP: You can also easily free-hand draw the woodgrain design. Look at my photos or ones from Google Images and go for it.

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags Step 1

Step 2: Open one side of the gift bag and smooth it out flat. Stamp four to six sets of footprints, varying the direction to make a simple path. Repeat for the other side.

TIP: If you aren’t using these for a Bigfoot party, you could continue the wood grain design on to the sides, or just use stamps that go with your theme.

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags Step 2

Step 3: Place all of the party favors into the bag and top with tissue paper.

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags Step 3

Step 4: (Optional) For name tags, you can do many different, cute ideas. You could wood burn some little Woodsie tags and tie on with jute cord. You could use the footprint stamps, cut them out, then write names on the other side, punch holes and tie on with jute cord. You could also wood burn their names into clothespins and clip them on.

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags Step 4

That’s it! These Faux Wood Party Favor Bags are simple to make, yet look like you spent far more time on them. (It’ll be our secret.)

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags Complete

Considering how simple these adorable Faux Wood Party Favor Bags are to make, how would you add to them?

To see the rest of the fun and woodsy party crafts we did for the Sassy Sasquatch Bigfoot Party, be sure to check out our tutorials for Rustic Circle Garland, Rustic Pine Cone Garland, and Glitzy Meets Rustic Ribbon Banner. We also have a great Bigfoot Party Inspiration board on Pinterest with loads of ideas.

Be Inspired!

DIY gift bags go great with Personalized Brown Paper Gift Wrap. Corny as it may seem that extra little effort touches the heart of the receiver!

Personalized Brown Paper Gift Wrap

Even though this post is Winter Themed Hot Cocoa Party Favors they make great gifts for co-workers, extended family or the mailman/mailwoman in your life.

Winter Themed Hot Cocoa Party Favors

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