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When we were looking for a pretty centerpiece for our round kitchen table, my husband came across something he liked but then he started laughing and showed me his phone. He found this very lovely and high-quality floral centerpiece for only $627.00! A savings of $273 off the original $900, lol. What a “steal!”

Save yourself hundreds of dollars and make your own Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece for your home.

You might be able to guess what he asked me next: “Can you make something like this?” I told him, of course, I can, I can make anything! (While in my head I really wasn’t sure. Floral arranging isn’t exactly my superpower.)

But I actually pulled it off with this DIY Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece, and I’m positive you can, too!

Mabry Fern Riverbend Home

Today, I’m so pleased to be joining Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate and a group of talented bloggers for the Creative Craft Blog Hop. Make sure to check out the links to everyone’s projects at the end of this post. There will be plenty of creative ideas to keep you busy at home!

Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Feature

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DIY Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece


Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Materials

DIY Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Steps

1: If your greenery bunches are too long to sit snug against that foam ball, you’ll need to trim them with the shears and then sort the pieces by type.

Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Step 1b
Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Step 1a
Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Step 1c

2: Poke the fuller pieces in first, evenly around the foam ball.

Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Step 2a
Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Step 2b

3: Then, surprisingly, you’ll fill in the visible foam sections with the floral moss. When I tried to put the moss on first, it kept sliding down and the first stems were harder to poke in and move around. So moss after first stems.

Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Step 3a
Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Step 3b

4: Now evenly fill in the spaces with the next greenery type, then the next, then any flowers that were included or added.

Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Step 4a
Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Step 4b
Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece Step 4c

That’s it! My DIY Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece is a hit with the husband and I love looking at it, too. I also loved not spending $627! That pretty pedestal bowl is from Pier 1 and cost I think around $30 originally before discounts and sale prices. The floral bunches came from Kirkland’s and were originally around $12 each before the 30% off. So I’d say mine cost around $80 total. I’d imagine you could beat that price with a pedestal bowl from HomeGoods and 50% off florals from Michaels, though!

Don’t be reluctant to try your hand at floral arrangements, like I was. I unpoked and repoked those stems many, many times before I settled on the final arrangement, lol. That’s one of the big perks of this craft genre, lots of do-overs!

I also made this Spring Picket Fence Floral Arrangement you may like, which I still use in my house in the Spring.

Spring Picket Fence Floral Arrangement

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Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece DIY Craft Tutorial

22 thoughts on “DIY Faux Greenery Pedestal Centerpiece”

  1. Such a beautiful arrangement! It is so lush and full. It is really perfect for spring! You did a great job. I am so glad to be hopping with you.

  2. Marie, I agree with Gail that your centerpiece looks much better than the pricey inspiration piece. Your centerpiece has more color, layers and texture. It’s beautiful! No wonder you and your husband enjoy it so much! It was fun crafting and hopping with you!

  3. Marie, you did a beautiful job! I don’t know how you can say you aren’t a floral designer! Isn’t it the best feeling when you are able to recreate something at a fraction of the cost. I do that with floral swags for the front door often, and wow, what a difference in the cost! Thanks for joining in our hop!

  4. Nice to meet you through the blog hop Marie! Your centerpiece turned out lovely and will serve you well spring through summer. Really like the choice you made in terms of the pedestal bowl and florals too.

  5. I love how it turned out! You have so many layers which makes it all look so full and real! Nice job! (Sorry if this comment is a duplicate, I’ve been having problems leaving comments under my blog address for some reason!)
    Calypso in the Country

  6. Marie, That truly is inspiring! I will definitely be trying this beautiful display! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I adore creating thrifty versions of high-end decor so your gorgeous centerpiece is right up my alley! Happy to be joining you for this creative hop! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  8. Wow! I do not frequent high end homes or websites very often, and I had no idea that a person could buy a floral arrangement for $600-$900!! Wow! I suppose they can be pricier than that, if I think “wedding.” Great job on making your own for a fraction of the price. I like doing that, too!


  9. The lush greens looks so fresh and welcoming. Its perfect for Spring, where I live we don’t have any greenery yet, and I am longing for it. Beautiful arrangement.

  10. Wow, Marie you sure did pull that off! I was so surprised when I scrolled down and saw how awesome it turned out. If somebody’s making over $600 on sale, you might want to consider a career change – lol!

  11. Marie I love the look of your centerpiece. The little pop of color with the greenery makes it. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Marie, it’s hard to believe that your inspiration for this was originally $900! Your creation looks so much better! In fact, it looks fabulous! Maybe you should start selling yours! You can now add creating centerpieces to your awesome super powers!

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