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Before I set out to make four different napkin ring crafts for Fall and Thanksgiving, I made these Fall Leaf Stamped Cloth Napkins to showcase them. While my family normally uses paper napkins paper towels for everyday use, I like to use cloth napkins for special occasions and holidays. Yes, I know they make printed napkins with fall motifs, but I love the feel of woven cotton napkins so much more than Nylon. The downside to that is cotton napkins usually only come in solid colors.

So, my solution was to stamp my own pattern on the napkins. I had these fall leaf stamps from Close to My Heart for over a decade, but leaf stamps are easy to come by. You should note, you definitely want to use ink designed for fabrics and not just regular ink. I used regular ink and have washed them with no problem but I can’t guarantee that will happen for you. Let’s get started.
Fall Leaf Stamped Cloth Napkins Craft Tutorial for your Thanksgiving Table

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Fall Leaf Stamped Cloth Napkins




one: Iron your napkins so they are as smooth as possible.


two: Use the fabric ink to stamp leaf designs in a random pattern using either all one color ink or a variety of colors.


three: Let the stamped designs dry for an hour and then seal them with a hot iron.


four: Fold your napkins to suit your napkin rings. You can find tons of videos on YouTube that show you different, fun techniques.




That’s it! Your napkins should be machine washable as long as you follow the instructions on the ink pads. Like I said, I didn’t use fabric ink, but I washed them in cold and the patterns stayed just fine. I love that you can make your own pattern and color scheme to match your decor. If you have blue in your dining room, for instance, dark and medium blue leaves stamped on the napkins would look so pretty. How would you put your own spin on this classic craft?


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