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I’m so excited to share my very first Fall Home Tour ever with you and showcase my non-traditional décor and projects!

I’m sure y’all can relate to how incredibly hard it was to get everyone out of the house (so it was quiet) and have everything in its place and no one’s stuff sitting around to get this home tour shot. Yeah, spoiler alert, most people don’t keep their houses perfect 24/7, am I right? So this Fall Home Tour is more like a snapshot of how it all looked for one hour on one day this Fall.

If you’d like a challenge, watch the video home tour at the end and try to spot the dirty dishes and Cheetos stain on my cream couch, lol. But yes, I’m thrilled to show you how I’ve used non-traditional Fall colors of pink, gold, and cream and still have a warm feel to my décor. And as you may already know, I made several of these décor items myself and you can, too, in any colors you prefer. You’ll see links to these projects below in case you’re interested in trying them out yourself.

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Front Door Fall Décor

I got a new front door wreath this year and this time I did not, in fact, make it myself. I happened to find it randomly sitting on a clearance end rack at Target! Yep, someone had bought it online from Target and then returned it. Why!? Their loss was my gain however because I got it for $20 off. I checked and they’re still available online and now they’re on sale! My previous front door wreath (that I did make) was my Easy Neutral Fall Wreath and I still love it, but now it hangs on the door from my garage to my kitchen.

My front porch isn’t necessarily completely decked out but I’m perfectly fine with just the pretty wreath, the metal sign, and the cream metal pumpkin. I do have some white/ cream craft pumpkins that I usually add out there as well, but I couldn’t find their storage tub. 

Entryway Table Fall Décor

On my entryway table, I just added some pink Fall florals to the white blooms in this large vase I already had displayed there. I also added a matching set of white ceramic pumpkins I had found a couple of years ago. I love how they all “match” but each one is different from the others.

My Pretty in Pink Fall Wreath hangs on the inside of my front door, too. I made this one and you can easily make one, as well, in any colors you like!

Dining Table Fall Décor

For my dining room table, I wanted to reuse some items from other seasons but incorporate just a touch of pink, gold, and cream. For the centerpiece area, I have a neutral table runner with pumpkins embroidered in a kind of champagne gold, then various pink and white pumpkins, and then I added some cute neutral mini pumpkins to the pedestal bowl that’s usually there.

For the place settings, I stacked circular braided grass placemats, distressed cream chargers, an off white plate, a folded pink cloth napkin, a pink toile bowl, and a mini white pumpkin. I finished it off with champagne gold flatware and gold glass goblets I practically stole from Pier 1 on their close-out sale.

Sideboard Fall Décor

For my sideboard, I kept it pretty and simple, again adding more pink, gold, and cream pumpkins, including the Tissue Paper Decoupage Pumpkin I made.

In the center, I have a “floral arrangement” which is just the leftover flowers from my wreath plopped in a vase. I also added pink and beige candles to my candle holders and draped a pink floral garland across my mirror.

Gallery Wall Fall Décor

Fall signs are some of my favorite projects! They’re so easy to find to buy or make. For this Fall décor gallery wall, I just staggered different signs I had found mixed in with my Welcome Fall Wood Pumpkin Sign and my Welcome Fall Cricut Shadowbox projects.

I also filled in a couple of the spaces with these Wood Fall Leaf Ornaments I made using my Cricut and some other cute objects that went well with the display.

Kitchen Fall Décor

I barely have anything Fall in my kitchen if these flowers and one white, wooden pumpkin even qualify, lol. If I happen to buy any more pumpkins or make any more décor, it’ll have to go in here because everywhere else is done. Honestly, we just got our backsplash installed and I haven’t even started to decorate my kitchen at all for any season, so I’m not concerned with it. I think those dishes in the sink add enough pizazz, right?

Café Fall Décor

This area also has very minimal Fall décor but I love what I have. The gold carved circle placemats are new (and wipeable, this is key.) I’m thinking for next Fall I might make a pretty centerpiece to go here.  And I made this Autumn Wood Banner hanging on my china cabinet using Cricut washi sheets which are so much fun to work with!

Living Room Fall Décor

I wanted to keep any Fall decor on my Bombay chest to a minimum since I feel like it already has a lot going on, so I simply placed a small neutral pumpkin on top and added some pink Fall florals to a vase. Kirkland’s gave me that pumpkin to me for my birthday last year!

I added two neutral pumpkins to my sofa table and more of those mini pumpkins to this bowl like I did on my dining room table.

Then I just have a couple of small pumpkin plates and a gold glitter edged leaf on my side tables. I added a couple of neutral pumpkins and a new pink woven pumpkin to my TV console table, as well as these adorable wood acorns I just found at Kirkland’s.  They’re my favorite!

On my sofa, I simply added three husband-approved pretty, pink pillows, and called it a day. You don’t even notice the Cheetos stain now.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed seeing my home all decorated for my Fall Home Tour this year! (If you’d like to know where I purchased any of my furniture or decor items, please let me know in the comments below.) I plan to enjoy it for a couple more weeks until I put it all away and decorate for Halloween. In the meantime, I plan to look at all the pink and sigh and be happy with all of its girly glory. 

Maybe pink is the new orange for Fall décor? I never would have thought pink would be a good neutral color for décor but after seeing everything put together here, I’d think it would be easy to add it in with non-holiday specific items and it not look too overly feminine.

Thank you for joining me on my Fall Home Tour this year, I’m happy to share my décor projects and finds with you!

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