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I  saw these adorable Edible Acorns on Pinterest and instantly knew I had to make them for the Bigfoot party. We wanted to make all the food relatable to things found in the forest, and acorns certainly fit the bill. Of course, I didn’t find any instructions, so I reverse engineered them and figured out an efficient way to make a whole bunch of them. These would also be great for any camping or outdoor themed parties, as well as a Fall-themed dinner or event, or even at Thanksgiving.

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Edible Acorns


Edible Acorns Materials

Edible Acorns Steps

1. Melt about a handful of the chocolate candy melts according to the instructions on the package and place into the squeeze bottle. If the chocolate begins to harden, sit the bottle in hot water until it is fluid again.

Edible Acorns Step 1

2. Squeeze a dime’s worth of the chocolate candy melts in the middle of the flat side of a Kiss.

Edible Acorns Step 2

3. Firmly place a wafer on the Kiss, making sure the chocolate is touching both sides. Repeat until you’ve made the desired amount. Sit them wafer side down to cool and harden.

Edible Acorns Step 3

4. While holding the wafer, not the Kiss, squeeze a small amount of chocolate candy melt on the rounded top of the wafer.

Edible Acorns Step 4

5. Firmly, place a peanut butter chip on the chocolate. It’s best to let them cool while sitting on their sides, before placing them in a serving container.

Edible Acorns Step 5

That’s It! It’s amazing how wonderful these Edible Acorns look even though they are so simple to make.

Edible Acorns Complete

If you’d rather use butterscotch chips instead of peanut butter to make your Edible Acorns, go for it. I’d personally rather eat chocolate-dipped broccoli before butterscotch, but I know there are allergy issues out there. Also, try to touch the Kisses as little as possible. They melt like crazy from the body heat in our hands and make a chocolatey mess. Then again, you may be looking for a reason to lick chocolate from your hands, we don’t judge. Oh, and I forgot to mention, these little suckers are super delicious. The chocolate, peanut butter, and vanilla wafers together make a tasty combo.

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