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Crafts don’t have to be super complicated and time-consuming. If you’re anything like me, sometimes you just want to make things look nicer without spending a ton of time making them. Sometimes simple and easy is a good thing. Well, it doesn’t get easier than this! These Easy Raffia Accent Fall Napkin rings are perfect if you’re short on time, but still want to have something look handmade. Running behind on that giant Thanksgiving dinner? No problem. You can whip these out in less than 10 minutes for a table of eight.

As for the accents, I got these Acorn Bells at Michael’s when their Fall items went on sale for 80% off, but you can easily replace these for some other Fall-themed item, just make sure there’s a hole or opening for the raffia. I saved you some time and linked to similar ones on Amazon below. The raffia is another area where you can get creative. I know Dollar Tree sells fall-colored raffia as do many other craft stores and of course, Amazon.

Learn how to make Easy Raffia Accent Fall Napkin Rings with our craft tutorial.

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Easy Raffia Accent Fall Napkin Rings




One: Cut 18-inch lengths of the raffia for as many napkins as you want to decorate.


Two: String the raffia through the acorns (or other decor items).


Three: Fold your napkins using the “leaf fold.” I chose this fold because it lends itself to a tied napkin ring instead of a traditional ring.


Four: Wrap the raffia around the napkin and tie on top in either a bow or a double knot, while the napkin is still folded. For other options, you could tie the bow on the back, bringing the focus to the accent piece or you could tie it in double knots instead of a bow.



Five: Fluff the napkins out so the bottom fans out and the top looks like a leaf. Be sure to slide the acorn accent around to the top.


And that’s seriously it! Super fast, super easy, and super cute. Your guests won’t know how quickly you made them, they’ll just know you put a handmade touch to your Fall or Thanksgiving table. You could even use these as a small favor for guests to take with them. I know I’d love to take home a little treat like an acorn bell.


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