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What kind of blanket do you make for a little boy who only likes the color green and really loves football? An Easy Football Field Crochet Blanket of course

It also helped that green and white are colors for the Philadelphia Eagles, his favorite team. I was initially inspired by this cool Football Field C2C pattern but it wouldn’t work with my thicker blanket yarn. I also didn’t want the football part. Then I found this beautiful Football Field Blanket but it had too many colors and was just an image, no pattern. So, I ended up designing my own pattern as usual!

Easy Football Field Crochet Blanket Feature

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Easy Football Field Crochet Pattern




Take the green yarn and chain 72 plus two extra.

1st Row: Turn and half double crochet (HDC) into only one post from the end. HDC to the end of the chain. Chain two and turn.

2nd through 5th Rows: HDC into back post of 2nd stitch from end. Continue HDC for the entire row, completing five rows total. This is your first section.

Switch to white yarn. HDC only one single row.

Switch back to green yarn and HDC five more rows. This is your second section.

Continue this pattern of 5 rows of green and 1 row of white until you have completed 10 green sections and 9 white rows total. You will end on green.


Switch to white yarn and HDC one row around the entire blanket. Make sure to stitch two extra HDC stitches in each corner so it doesn’t curl. 

Switch back to green and HDC two rows around the entire blanket. Don’t forget those extra corner stitches!


You can add numbers to mark the yard lines with the white yarn and topstitch it using a plastic yarn sewing needle if you like.

You could also add more border rows in your favorite team’s colors.


40 inches wide and 48 inches long


2 inches = 4 HDC

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8 thoughts on “Easy Football Field Crochet Blanket”

  1. I love this pattern, super easy to do as you watch tv haha. I will say my stitches are super tall and I did a terrible job apparently on keeping my rows even so it’s super long but not wide smh!!

  2. He will love his football blanket. One of a kind for sure. I keep saying one day I will cross off how to crochet from my craft bucket list. Maybe this year ?.

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