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For our Star Wars Party, I wanted to give the kids something fun to take home. I didn’t want to pay for the Inflatable Lightsabers from Amazon since we had so many guests, so I scoured Pinterest for ideas and finally found what I was looking for. The kids absolutely LOVED these! I had parents stop me at the school to tell me how much their child loved the lightsabers. They are super easy to make, too. So, let me show you how I created our Easy Foam Lightsabers.

Easy Foam Lightsabers Craft Tutorial Star Wars Party



Step 1: Cut pool noodle into thirds. 19 inches from end on both sides.Saber Sections
Step 2: Cut two pieces of silver duct tape 4 inches long, then cut those in half lengthwise.
Step 3: Criss-cross the four pieces over the hole on one end of the noodle.Bottom
Step 4: Cut five pieces of silver tape 5 1/2 inches long. Use them to go around the outside of the handle.Body

Step 5: Next cut two pieces of Red or Black tape 4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. Place each piece over the silver, splitting it in half long ways.
Step 6: Cut two pieces of black tape 8 inches long. Wrap at the top and bottom of the silver tape.Handle
Step 7: The last thing to do is the buttons. Here it’s really up to you. I like the idea of two buttons, but my mom liked having only one big one.

Here are some of the different ways we designed the Easy Foam Lightsabers:


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May The Force be with you.

Be Inspired!

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