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Who doesn’t love finding cute craft items at the dollar store? I certainly do! You can find everything you need to make this Easy Dollar Store St. Patrick’s Day Wreath while you’re there!

I like that I can decorate for all of the different holidays without spending loads of cash, too. Some of the great crafty items that don’t know they are a craft supply are the seasonal feather boas. Sure, for a dollar you’re only going to get a short, thinner boa, but compared to the $20 to $30 (or far more) for the bigger, fuller ones, I’ll take these any day.

The feathers on these $1 boas are fuller when wrapped than they might seem and create really pretty wreaths, no matter which color scheme you use. And Dollar Tree also has loads of alternate options to these glittery shamrocks if sparkle isn’t your thing. But for this Easy Dollar Store St. Patrick’s Day Wreath, I used a wire wreath form, five green boas, a packet of green glitter foam shamrocks, and some chenille stems, all purchased at Dollar Tree.

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Easy Dollar Store St. Patrick’s Day Wreath Materials

Easy Dollar Store St. Patrick’s Day Wreath Steps

1: I love that these feather boas have thick cotton strings at each end. It makes them so much easier to work with. Find the string end on one of your feather boas.

Now tie that one end of one feather boa to the wreath form tightly. I just used simple knots.

2: Wrap the feather boa around and around the wreath form.

Keep wrapping until you reach the end of that first feather boa.

3: Now tie the next boa’s string to the first one’s string and trim off the excess.

4: Continue to wrap the linked boas around the wreath form until you have used all of the boas and the form is full. I used five feather boas in total. Tie off that last string end to the wreath form.

5: Hot glue five darker shamrocks to the lighter shamrocks to create a sort of shadow effect and to give the shamrocks a bit more depth.

I used the glittered foam shamrocks from Dollar Tree but feel free to use any fun shamrock or St. Patrick’s Day decorations you find or like.

6: Cut the three green chenille stems in half. I had these green metallic ones left from some Christmas crafts, but regular green is fine.

7:  Hot glue the center of the chenille stem pieces to the center back of each shamrock pair. You can use this same technique if you’re using different items, too. Trying to hot glue heavier objects to these feathers and wire wreath frames can be difficult at best.

You can use this same technique if you’re using different items, too. Trying to hot glue heavier objects to these feathers and wire frames can be difficult at best.

8: Bend the glued chenille stems upwards.

9: Attach the shamrocks to the wreath by poking the chenille stems through the feathers to the back of the wreath and then twist the ends together.

If you don’t the shamrock positions you chose or they need to be more evenly spaced, you can easily untwist and move them around. You definitely can’t do that if you try to hot glue them onto the wreath itself.

You also want to make sure you don’t attach them to the wreath too tightly or they’ll buckle and bunch up. If you attach them too loosely, they droop and sag. Figure out your best twist number with your first one and just repeat with the remaining shamrocks.

10: Even though this wreath is on a wire frame, you may still want to attach a loop to hang it. This helps if you have a definite, specific top and bottom to the wreath. Just take that last half of the green chenille stem, bend it in half, and twist the ends together around the topmost center wire of your wreath frame.

That’s it! How easy was it to put this wreath together? You could seriously crank one of these puppies out in 15 minutes. And this is an important skill to have in case you need to make a holiday-themed wreath with no notice. That happens to you guys all of the time, right?

Making an Easy Dollar Store St. Patrick’s Day Wreath is so super simple and you can do it without being one of those wreath artists and without spending loads of cash. These would also be fun to make for so many different occasions and holidays. You could even make one to decorate a girl’s glam-themed bedroom, making your wreath with color coordinating feather boas. What kind of feather boa wreath would you want to make for yourself?

This Easy Dollar Store St. Patrick’s Day Wreath adds a fun pop of color to your themed holiday decor and it might just bring you a little luck as well!

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