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When you’re trying to DIY a wedding and stick to a budget, it helps to be open-minded about where you source your supplies. Thrift stores are a great way to accomplish exactly that. Yeah, there can be loads of undesirable items, but you just have to look at like a treasure hunt and keep your eyes peeled for the gems, like with this basket for our bohemian wedding decor. That was also the case with this DIY Wedding Seating Chart made from a Thrifted Wood Plaque. I found a perfectly new, pretty, swirly edged wood plaque from Michael’s for only 99¢, which is a steal from the regular $8.99. It fit perfectly for the bohemian themed we designed, too.

DIY Wedding Seating Chart Upcycle Thrift Store Craft Tutorial

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DIY Wedding Seating Chart from a Thrifted Wood Plaque


DIY Wedding Seating Chart Materials

DIY Wedding Seating Chart from a Thrifted Wood Plaque

1: Spray paint a couple of coats of the white chalk paint (I love this spray SO much!), letting each layer dry completely before you paint the next. Be sure to get all of the little nooks and crannies. Let it dry completely before moving on–it should dry pretty quickly, though. I didn’t paint the back.

DIY Wedding Seating Chart Step 1a
DIY Wedding Seating Chart Step 1b
DIY Wedding Seating Chart Step 1c

2: Create the file with all of the names for your seating chart. If you prefer to type out your seating chart and print it on a printer, awesome. I wanted it to have a more “hand drawn” look, so I used my Cricut’s writing feature. I used Cricut’s Hopeless Romantic font for the names and Cricut’s Sans font for the title. Just load the pages and marker into your machine and the Cricut will take care of the rest.

DIY Wedding Seating Chart Step 2a
DIY Wedding Seating Chart Step 2b

3: Spray the adhesive onto the wood plaque, only in the center area where the cardstock pages will sit. I highly recommend taking precautions when using the spray adhesive. It works really well, but you need to treat it like spray paint because it does have some overspray and that overspray is extremely sticky. For instance, I heard from my best friend who sternly tried to warn me that you definitely wouldn’t want to try this on a hotel room carpeted floor. Who would be so careless!? Certainly not moi…

4: Carefully place the printed pages onto the plaque trying to keep them as squared off as humanly possible. Start at one corner or edge and work your way across, smoothing them down flat with your hands.

DIY Wedding Seating Chart Step 4

That’s it! Now you just need to find a useful spot to hang or lean your DIY Wedding Seating Chart so guests can easily spot it. We waited to write in the table numbers next to the names until we knew exactly for sure where the bride and groom wanted them to sit. I’m glad we did, too, because the whole seating plan was thrown out the window when we had to last minute reconfigure all of the tables. Now if you’re thinking no way will I ever find one of these plaques at my thrift store, fair enough, but if you can find these scrolly laser cut frames at most craft stores. This DIY Wedding Seating Chart is just a nice alternative to the standard framed charts and it goes well with a bohemian or similar theme.

DIY Wedding Seating Chart Complete

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