DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow

I’ve had the idea for this eyelash pillow for months and just never got around to making it because, well, my sons just aren’t into cute, girlie pillows. I met the perfect candidate a couple of months ago, though, a tween who will absolutely love getting this DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow as a gift. Pillows make great gifts during the holidays and they’re relatively easy to make and customize. And like this one, the pillows don’t have to be holiday themed. You can make them suit the style and likes of your recipient or follow current trends. Handmade pillows also make a wonderful housewarming gift! Let me show you how you can make one.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Sewing Craft Tutorial using Fringe

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DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Materials

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Materials

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Steps

1: Your fabric should already be cut from the store at 18 inches or half a yard. On the cutting mat, spread out the fabric, keeping the center folded. Pin the two sides together to keep the fabric from sliding. Use the cutting ruler to measure out 18 inches from the fold then cut it with the rotary cutter. You should now have an 18 x 18-inch square with one side as the fold.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 1

2: Use the fabric scissors to cut the fold while it’s still pinned. Remove the pins.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 2

3: Cut two 5-inch pieces of the black fringe. Remove the band at the bottom of the fringe.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 3

4: Now for a haircut! Trim 1 inch off of the bottom of the fringe. The best way to do this is smooth it down flat and then use the cutting ruler to hold in place while you cut with the rotary cutter. You should go look at Step 13 and see how else you should cut these.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 4

5: Next cut two 5-inch pieces of the sparkly black ribbon.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 5

6: Take one of the fabric squares and lay it flat. Find a centered placement on the fabric square for the two eyelash pieces. Pin them down in a curve.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 6

7: Load your machine with black thread (don’t forget the black bobbin!) and sew the eyelashes to the velvet. Trim off the extra thread.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 7a

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 7b

8: Now lay the sparkly ribbon over the top area of the fringe and sew it down.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 8

9: Take both pieces of fabric and put them together, lining up all four sides, right sides (velvety sides) together. Pin them together along 3 sides and then 6 inches of the 4th side. This will leave an opening to stuff in the pillow.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 9

10: Sew all of the pinned areas with a standard 5/8 inch seam. Trim all four corners.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 10a

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 10b

11: Remove all of the pins and turn it right side out. Stuff the pillow form into the pillowcase, centering it within the case.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 11

12: Pin the open edges together and sew the case closed with a 1/2 inch seam. Continue that visible stitch around the entire pillow. I purposefully kept the thread black so it would contrast with the white velvet, but you can swap out if you don’t like it. The last edge will be the hardest because the pillow form will be out of extra space.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 12a

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 12b

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 12c

13: This is the part where I realized the eyelashes reminded me of the Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street and I gave them a little trim, curving them at the bottom. You could also taper them so the outsides are still longer.

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Step 13

That’s it! I have to tell you, I am totally in love with this quilted velvet. So much so that I’m going to go back and buy some in other colors to make living room pillows. I found this velvet at Joann Fabric in their velvet section and they had several colors to choose from. I really hope the little girl loves this DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow as a gift, but I’m pretty sure she will. I’m not even a tween and I’d love it, lol. Pillows are so fun to make and you can use all types of materials to make them, from tea towels to sweaters to yarn. And they’re so easy to swap out for different seasons or holidays, too!

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Complete

If eyelashes aren’t your thing and you’d like to see a huge selection of pillow cover patterns to sew, All Free Sewing has pages and pages of incredible projects to browse through.
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