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Have you ever bought one of those Lego Advent Calendars? My boys loved opening them for several years but as they got older, they weren’t as keen on the little Lego figures and sets as much. I wished there were other options or that I could just fill it myself with more personalized gifts. That’s when I had the idea to make this DIY Reusable Advent Calendar using the inside of the Lego one. So keep reading to see how easily I customized it!

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Christmas Craft Tutorial

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DIY Reusable Advent Calendar


  • Compartmented Insides from Lego or Similar Advent Calendar
  • 11 x 17″ Gift Box
  • 24 Small Gifts or Treats
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Circle Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Scissors
  • Cricut Maker
  • Cardstock
  • Cricut Calligraphy Pen
  • Optional: Large Bow

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Materials

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Steps

1: Place the compartmented insert inside the bottom of the gift box. Use plastic grocery bags or tissue paper to fill in any extra space so the insert fits snugly.

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 1

2: Measure and mark the top of the gift box to show all four sides of the insert and then mark the open areas with gridlines. Use a ruler to make sure the measurements and markings are accurate.

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 2a DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 2b

3: Open up and lay the top of the box flat on top of a cutting mat. Use the circle cutter to cut 2-inch circles in the center of all 24 squares. I use and love Martha’s Circle Cutter. Be sure to read my Circle Cutter Review to see why I love this tool!
Double-check that your gifts fit inside the 2-inch circle!

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 3a DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 3b DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 3c

4: Reassemble the box top with double-sided tape and place the box top over the bottom half.

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 4 DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 4b

5: Place all 24 gifts into the insert. If you want them opened in a certain order, make sure to takes notes or a photo so you know where to place the numbers later.

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 5

6:  Then stick small pieces of double-sided tape all around the circles. This is important to make sure the wrapping paper sticks to all parts and the gifts don’t fall out.

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 6

7: Cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit all around the box like you would when wrapping a gift. Center the paper over the box and carefully smooth it across the front, paying close attention to making sure it sticks all around each opening. Then finish wrapping the rest of the box.

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 7a DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 7b

8: Use your Cricut to cut 1.25″ circles and write the numbers 1 through 24 on them. I used the Calligraphy Pen C.

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 8

9: This part is optional, but I thought the circles were too plain so I added some gold ink to the edges by swiping them across the ink pad.

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 9

10: Stick the circles over the openings (you should be able to feel through the paper to find them) using the double-sided tape. Add a bow if you like!

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 10 DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Step 10b

How it works: you simply poke a number and then peel back the number and paper just a bit to reveal the gift each day.

That’s it! There are so many possibilities with this DIY Reusable Advent Calendar! You can use any type of wrapping paper and fill it with any type of gift you choose. And what’s really cool is you can reuse them a few times before the box gives out and then you can make another one with the same insert! These would also make for a fun activity at a birthday party or kids event. So what would you put inside of yours!?

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar Feature

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  1. Cute idea for an advent calendar! What child wouldn’t have fun punching a hole in the paper to get their gift? I tried to pin this great idea but the button isn’t working or maybe its something I’m doing wrong.

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