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Make this Decoupage Witch Hat Decor and add a whimsical touch to your home this Halloween.

I was thrilled when I discovered I could make this Decoupage Witch Hat Decor using only supplies from my craft stash! I pulled out my Halloween craft supply bin and went shopping right in my craft room. I found the cute paper maché witch hat at Joann’s and the napkins, feather boa, and flower at Dollar Tree a few years back, but I’ve linked to similar items on Amazon down below.

I’ve gotten a lot better at not buying more seasonal craft supplies every year since I already have bins of unused supplies, but it’s SO hard to resist sometimes when the items are so cute like this witch hat.

Decoupage Witch Hat Halloween Decor Craft Tutorial

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Decoupage Witch Hat Decor Materials

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Materials for Decoupage Witch Hat Halloween Decor Craft Tutorial

Decoupage Witch Hat Decor Steps

1: Use a wide brush to paint the paper mache witch hat with white acrylic paint.

Painting the witch hat white

It doesn’t need to be flawless, you’re painting it more as a primer so the brown from the paper mache witch hat doesn’t show through the white polka dots on the napkins.

2: While the paint is drying, cut three black and white polka dot napkins up into 3″ x 6″ strips. Make sure to remove the extra layer of napkin paper from each one so that you’re using just a single layer.

Cutting up polka dot napkins

Note: If your paper mache witch hat has different dimensions than mine, you may need to adjust how many strips you cut and use.

3: Now cut up two more napkins, but cut them into 3″ x 9″ strips. You’ll also need one 3″ x 3″ square piece of napkin.

4: You’ll decoupage the brim of the hat first. Use a foam brush to apply Mod Podge to a 3-inch section of the hat brim. Carefully lay down a section of the napkin so that it starts on the crown of the hat, goes across the brim, and then over the edge, and then under the brim.

Use more Mod Podge over the napkin section to make sure every part has glue. You may need to snip parts of the napkin touching the crown with scissors to make it lay flat.

Covering witch hat with mod Podge and polka dot napkins

5: Repeat the Mod Podge and napkin laying step all the way around the hat brim, overlapping the napkin pieces so there are no gaps or pieces of white painted hat peeking out.

Finished brim of decoupage witch hat

6: Apply Mod Podge all the way around the tip of the hat crown about 2 inches down. Then take the 3″ x 3″ napkin piece and smooth it down over the point and around the tip with some more Mod Podge on a brush. You finish the point of the hat before the sides so that the napkin edges are covered better.

Covering tip of decoupage witch hat with napkin piece

7: Now you can start decoupaging the longer strips onto the crown. Apply Mod Podge in three-inch wide sections, from the top to the edge of the brim. Start your strip at the brim edge and smooth it going up and around with the shape of the hat. Again, you’ll want to go over the top of the napkin with more Mod Podge.

Covering side of decoupage witch hat with nakpins

8: Let that dry for at least an hour until the Mod Podge has completely hardened and there are no more wet spots. Sometimes a fan can help speed along the process.

9: Now you can decorate the hat as you like. I chose to add a mini feather boa, a black rose, and a spider. I put a bead of clear tacky glue all along the brim/ crown crease and pressed the boa into it. I also glued the stems of the rose and spider underneath the boa.

Decorating decoupage witch hat with black feather boa and black rose and black spider

Hot glue is also a great option, just be mindful of the hot glue strings getting caught in the feather boa.

completed decoupage witch hat decor

Final Thoughts on this Decoupage Witch Hat Project

This Decoupage Witch Hat Decor was a fun craft to make and I’m so in love with how the black and white polka dot napkins look on the hat. It almost looks like I painted it with black chalkboard paint and then put white dots on it in chalk. Part of me wishes I would have kept the hatband decorations a little simpler, but those suckers are gluuued on, so I choose to love them, too. The hat does look too plain without anything on it, too, though. Either way, I think it makes a great addition to my Halloween decorations.

What’s fun is you can take this same concept and use different napkin prints and different paper mache spooky shapes to create all kinds of customized Halloween decorations designed to fit your decor perfectly. Imagine decoupaging a paper mache pumpkin with these same polka dot napkins or covering a paper mache skull with sugar skull napkins. Ooo, or a cat covered in polka dots would look super cute, too! The possibilities are endless!

Decoupage Witch Hat Halloween Decor Craft Tutorial

So, have you ever made your own Halloween decorations using the decoupage technique? If you tried this project for the first time, what paper mache Halloween shape would you choose and what type of Halloween napkins would you choose? Let me know down in the comments!

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Decoupage Witch Hat Halloween Decor Craft Tutorial

Decoupage Witch Hat Halloween Decoration for Your Home

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  1. This is so adorable and cute, Marie! I love the polka dot napkins on the witch’s hat, too! And I would have loved to see a pic of your Halloween tree here since you mentioned it! Now I’m curious!

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