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I have been so excited to try the craft for this month’s Pinterest Challenge! Back in August I saw this pin for Haunted Thrift Store Figurines and couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a simple idea and they’re crazy easy to make, but that just makes them even more appealing to me. For my Creepy DIY Halloween Figurines, I went to Goodwill and tried to find the cutest, sweetest-looking figurines they had. To me, the more innocent-looking the figure, the funnier it is when they get “demonized.” It was also fun painting them with glossy black spray paint. Those red eyes, though…

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Creepy DIY Halloween Figurines


Creepy DIY Halloween Figurines Steps

1: Clean off the figurines and remove any price stickers.

2: Spray the figurines with the spray paint in a well-ventilated area. Hold the nozzle at least 6 inches away from the surfaces.
It’s better to spray a couple of lighter coats than one heavy coat.
The black paint covers really well, though, so it shouldn’t take many coats. Let the paint dry for a couple of hours between coats.
Try to not touch them if the paint is still tacky or you’ll leave fingerprint impressions.
Because of how the figurines are shaped, once the first coat is totally dry, lay them on their sides and spray the angles you missed.

3: Use your tiny paintbrush to paint tiny little red dots over all of the eyes. I love that the little dog with the girl also got the eyes. That angel one is probably the scariest looking one to me! The leopard one is just meh.

That’s it! One, two, three and you’re done. Waiting for the black paint to dry is the longest part of the whole craft. I can’t wait to set up these Creepy DIY Halloween Figurines with the rest of my spooky Halloween decorations, but first, I think I will line them up beside my son’s bed so he can have a nice surprise when he wakes up! Don’t be shocked, I’m the mom who put a bunch of stuffed animals and dolls positioned at the end of my other son’s bed after we had watched the original Poltergeist. That was the best scream ever, lol. I’ll have to come back and update how well these little guys faired in my prank.

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  1. Yes, those are very creepy and perfect for Halloween. What a great way to use little figures that would otherwise be donated. Great for a little vignette at the office or on a shelf, love them (even though the eyes creep me out)

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