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For this Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Cutter Review, we, Aleisha and Marie, will be giving you two different perspectives on this crafting tool. It’s funny, but when Marie was testing it out for the review, she actually really loved it. So, a couple of months later, I bought her one for her birthday! Great friends buy friends craft supplies, right? If you have used it and have even more insight or opinions, please let us see them in the comments below.

Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Cutter Review Craft Tools

Aleisha: Let me start by saying I have nothing against Martha Stewart. I, in fact, love the Queen of Crafts, but I am not in love with some of her products. Now mind you, I have not purchased a lot of her products simply because they are so expensive and on my tight budget, whatever craft supplies I buy have to be cheap. But a few times I have been able to splurge and get her products. My first MS product was the Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Cutter. I had to make Minnie Mouse baby shower invitations and didn’t want to buy two separate hole punches for this one project. When I saw the Circle cutter I was so excited that not only could I get the two sizes I needed but also any other size circles I may ever need (up to 5.875” that is).

Marie: I also love Martha Stewart craft products, but I promise I won’t be biased here. I use circle shapes all the time for craft projects and not just for scrapbooking and cardmaking. As Aleisha pointed out, if you need several different sizes for a project, this circle cutter makes more economical sense than buying several different-sized circle punches. I definitely wish I had it when I made the Rustic Circle Garland, that’s for sure!

MS Circle Cutter Product 1

MS Circle Cutter Product 2

Aleisha: The circle cutter was not as easy to use as I had hoped. I spent probably 30 minutes just trying to cut a circle that didn’t have a notch out of it. I watched several YouTube videos just to make sure I was using it correctly. I thought, “Everyone makes it look so simple. Why is this not working for me!?” Once I got the hang of how to apply the exact right amount of pressure, at the right angle while holding the paper in place the circles started coming out whole.

Marie: After reading Aleisha’s experience, I was expecting to have a very hard time getting this circle cutter to work. I did not. I’ve owned and used a couple of different styles and brands of circle cutters over the years, so I was mentally prepared to struggle with getting it to cut properly. Truth be told, even with circle punches, it is common to get those little notches she mentioned. I just use some of my little fine point scissors to even them out. She is correct that you have to apply pressure to the base in order to keep it from moving, but that is true for every circle cutter. It helps to do the cutting while standing, with it on a lower table. You need to be well above it and keep it closer to your body as opposed to having your arms extended all the way out in front of you. You should also be using cardstock or scrapbook paper and not regular printer paper. Just like with paper trimmers, the blade will catch on thinner paper.

MS Circle Cutter Cuts 1

MS Circle Cutter Cuts 2

MS Circle Cutter Cuts 3

Aleisha: My next issue with the Circle cutter was with it sliding. On the bottom of the guide disc, there are little rubber nubs that are supposed to keep it from sliding….they don’t! I had to apply pressure to the guide disc with one hand and hold the paper at the same time AND hold the circle cutter tool in the other (while holding it just right) to even make one circle. After about 10 to 15 circles, my arms were starting to get tired. I felt like I would have been better off just buying the hole punches and killing my hands than putting all the time and effort into using the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter.

Marie: As for sliding, my version doesn’t have nubs but has foam inserts along the edges. I had my cutting mat on the table, the paper on the mat, then the circle cutter on the paper. I applied a moderate amount of pressure and it didn’t slide at all. I did have some other issues, though. First, you need to make sure the little cutting blade is fitted into the hole/ slot perfectly and all the way in, otherwise it won’t cut properly or at all. Second, you can’t press down too firmly or it won’t slide around very easily. I found that if I pressed down lightly at first to get the circle going, it would glide around with ease.

MS Circle Cutter Bottom

MS Circle Cutter Cuts 4
Aleisha: I don’t want to sound completely bitter because there are a couple of features I do like about the Circle Cutter. I can make any size circle from 1” to 5.5” in 1/6” increments, a whopping 73 sizes! The set also comes with three blades. The tool opens and the blades can be stored right in the handle so you won’t lose them.

Marie: I’m with Aleisha, the variety of sizes you can cut is fantastic. Plus, unlike bulkier counterparts, this Circle Cutter is less than 7.5 inches wide and can be easily stored away without taking up much space. For crafters with limited space, that’s a huge deal. I also like that you can easily get replacement blades once all of the originals become dull.

MS Circle Cutter Pros 1

Aleisha: Maybe I need more practice or maybe it’s one of those products that are good in theory but not in reality, but it did get the job done…eventually.

Marie: I agree, the trick with this Circle Cutter is practice. The more circles you cut, the better and faster you will get, just like with most tools. Bottom line, I am thrilled Aleisha bought this for me for my birthday. I don’t even touch my circle punches anymore. This tool makes the exact size I need every time.

MS Circle Cutter Pros 2

Do any of you have this Circle Cutter? What are your thoughts or suggestions?

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