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If you’ve been in the Christmas ornament aisle at your local craft store, you know there’s quite a selection of chalkboard ornaments. After making the Christmas Countdown Sandwich Board, I thought a Christmas Countdown Ornament would be great, too. I knew I didn’t want a perfectly round one because it would be hard to write on and harder to read. I chose the “squished”, round one. Mine was already painted black with chalkboard paint, but you could easily paint a clear one yourself, or paint any ornament with a flat enough surface. Any way you chose to do it, it’ll be fun for the kids to change the number each day.

Christmas Countdown Ornament Craft Tutorial Kids

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Christmas Countdown Ornament




One: Use the pencil to sketch out “Days Until Christmas.” I used simple cursive writing since my older son would be writing on this one. Funny story, since I rarely write in cursive, I couldn’t remember how to write a cursive “s” so I had to look it up.


Two: Use the white paint pen to trace over the pencil. If you want to do a second coat to make it darker, make sure the first coat is completely dry.


TIP: Do not try to recharge the pen (that’s when you press down on the tip to get more paint) while you are writing on the ornament or a huge blob will squirt out ruining your work. If this happens,  see the sandwich board tutorial for how to fix it.


Three: Choose your favorite child to use chalk to write the number. Actually, one of my main reasons for doing two countdown crafts is so my two sons don’t fight over who gets to write it.


It’s really that simple. If you feel ambitious, you can draw a design or Christmas scene on the other side.


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