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For my Wonder Woman Craft Room, I have crafted ten completely different monogram letters to spell out “Be Inspired,” our little slogan for The Inspiration Vault. This Chalk Painted Monogram Letter project is for the letter “B” but obviously you can use any letter or letters you like for your project. I want to show you how easy it is to use chalk paint on wood projects (not just furniture) and create really cute rustic crafts for your farmhouse decor, patriotic decorations, or even a party or wedding. Let’s get started!

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Patriotic DIY Decor Craft Tutorial with Stenciled Stars

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Chalk Painted Monogram Letter


Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Materials

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Steps

one: Sand any rough edges off of your wood monogram letter and paint one coat with the blue chalk paint. Let it dry completely before the next step or you will have a hot mess on your hands. You could have enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Step 1a

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Step 1b

two: Place the stencil over the painted wood letter and then use the foam dauber to dab some of the white chalk paint into the star stencil openings. The key here is to not use too much paint and to lightly dab the foam dauber straight down so paint doesn’t squeeze out and under the edge of the stencil. I put a bit of paint on a paper plate, dipped the dauber in the paint, and then dabbed it onto the plate a couple of times. Worked like a charm. Let the stars dry completely before you start the next step.

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Step 2a

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Step 2b

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Step 2c

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Step 2d

three: Sand the edges and parts of the center of the letter with your sandpaper or mouse sander. You don’t want to sand all of the paint off, just bits and pieces to give it that weathered look.

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Step 3

four: Put some of the chalk paint wax onto your rag and wipe a thin layer across the entire painted and sanded surface of the letter. Rub it in until it’s smooth. I used a white chalk paint, which lightens up the whole thing, but you can use clear chalk paint wax to keep the blue a darker, richer color.

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Step 4

That’s it! I hang my letters with Command Strips but you can hang your Chalk Painted Monogram Letter any way you choose. Of course, you can also paint your letter in any colors and design you choose. This technique is so versatile, you can really create some beautiful projects with chalk paint. If furniture is really more your thing, doing the stars on a small tabletop, for instance, would look so, so nice. How would you use chalk paint on a monogram letter?

Chalk Painted Monogram Letter Complete

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