Bigfoot Cardboard Feet Feature

Bigfoot Cardboard Feet

One of the outdoor games we played for the Bigfoot Themed Party was the Bigfoot Race, which required giant Bigfoot Cardboard Feet. While I got the idea off of Pinterest, none of the pins seemed to lead to a tutorial. So I used my son’s foot as a starting point to figure out how big …

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Faux Wood Party Favor Bags Feature

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags

I made these Faux Wood Party Favor Bags for our Sassy Sasquatch Bigfoot Party. I wanted them to be cute, but to also have that woodsy, outdoor look like the rest of the party. I know that party favor bags and their contents can easily get out of control price wise, so we came up …

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Edible Acorns Feature

Edible Acorns

I  saw these adorable Edible Acorns on Pinterest and instantly knew I had to make them for the Bigfoot party. We wanted to make all the food relatable to things found in the forest, and acorns certainly fit the bill. Of course, I didn’t find any instructions, so I reverse engineered them and figured out …

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Bigfoot Tracks Cake Feature

Bigfoot Tracks Cake

Creating this Bigfoot Tracks Cake was actually pretty simple. I hate chocolate cake so I hardly ever make it and by hardly I mean never! I followed the recipe on the back of the Hershey cocoa powder container and let me tell you, something was seriously off (according to Marie). Since it wasn’t as tasty …

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Rustic Circle Garland Feature

Rustic Circle Garland

This cute Rustic Circle Garland is one of my favorite projects from the  Bigfoot Party and I will definitely be making it again. It’s a fun and easy way to add a pop of color and since you make it yourself, you can choose any colors you like. This is especially helpful when you are …

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Glittered Rustic Banner Feature

Glittered Rustic Banner

I was inspired to make this Glittered Rustic Banner for our Bigfoot Party. There was already so much wood and burlap and other rustic elements that we needed to find a way to reflect the little girl’s feminine side and add a bit of sparkle to the party decorations. Glitter is always a great solution, …

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Rustic Pine Cone Garland Feature

Rustic Pine Cone Garland

I knew I wanted to make a cute, Rustic Pine Cone Garland to use with our Bigfoot party decorations. I saw several different techniques to string the pine cones, but I didn’t want to use hot glue or wire, so ultimately, I came up with my own technique. My way also took much less time …

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