Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs

I wanted to do a superhero craft that I was confident most everyone could do and took very few materials. So I came to this conclusion: every house produces empty paper tubes whether from paper towels or toilet paper. With this craft, I will help you repurpose/upcycle them! These Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs are super …

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Batman Party Feature

Batman Party

One of my son’s obsessions is Batman, so he insisted on a Batman Party for his 8th birthday. That was fine with me! I knew there were loads of ideas to try. He was very involved in the planning process and sat on Pinterest, pinning ideas he wanted to use. Since I’m not a celebrity …

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5-Minute No-Sew Capes/ Cloaks

Children love to play dress up and pretend to be anything from a superhero to a princess. Birthday parties are a perfect place to do that with all the themed decorations and games. This very simple 5-Minute No-Sew Capes project can be used to create a cape or cloak in any color of knit fabric …

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Riddler's Canes Feature

Riddler’s Canes

For my son’s Batman party, I was determined to have food named after the villains. This Riddler’s Canes snack was inspired by the question mark cane used by the Batman villain, The Riddler. They were simple enough to make, they looked cool, and the kiddos ate every single one of them. Besides, how could you …

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Batman Comic Book Photo Prop Feature

Batman Comic Book Photo Prop

My son saw a Batman Comic Book Photo Prop on Pinterest and begged me to make one for his Batman Party. Of course, he wanted a completely different cover, though. I may be crafty, but I am certainly not artistic. Thankfully, my very artistic daughter was still home on break and agreed to sketch out …

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