Spooky Skeleton Wreath Feature Image

Spooky Skeleton Wreath

I knew I wanted to make a Halloween wreath this year, but I didn’t want to use burlap or deco mesh. I racked my brain and tried to think of the look I was going for and came up with an idea for this Spooky Skeleton Wreath that would be easy, inexpensive, and fun. Trash Bags! …

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Glittered Polka Dot Teal Pumpkin

Why have a plain and simple Teal Pumpkin when you can have a whimsical Glittery Polka Dot Teal Pumpkin!? I am so excited to make my Glittered Polka Dot Teal Pumpkin this year! I heard about The Teal Pumpkin Project last Halloween, but we didn’t really decorate or have many trick-or-treaters. This year, though, we’re …

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DIY Sugar Skull Feature Image

DIY Sugar Skull

I love all the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Sugar Skull decorations that have become popular. I think they capture the intended spookiness of Halloween but also have a whimsical and fun side. I also like all the bright colors they use. A lot of Halloween decorations tend to be colored on the darker side. …

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Sparkly Pumpkin Spider

As some of you may know, I’m terrified of spiders. So every Halloween I decorate my house with an army of spiders in every shape and size just so I can freak out every time I walk in and out of my door. This time, I wanted something a little different, though. I’ve seen so …

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Edible Acorns Feature

Edible Acorns

I  saw these adorable Edible Acorns on Pinterest and instantly knew I had to make them for the Bigfoot party. We wanted to make all the food relatable to things found in the forest, and acorns certainly fit the bill. Of course, I didn’t find any instructions, so I reverse engineered them and figured out …

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Rustic Pine Cone Garland Feature

Rustic Pine Cone Garland

I knew I wanted to make a cute, Rustic Pine Cone Garland to use with our Bigfoot party decorations. I saw several different techniques to string the pine cones, but I didn’t want to use hot glue or wire, so ultimately, I came up with my own technique. My way also took much less time …

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Heart Thumbprint Key Chain Feature

Heart Thumbprint Key Chain

This Heart Thumbprint Key Chain is an easy make for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or a parent/grandparent birthday. I made this as a gift for my mom. My mother, like most moms, loves all things that have to do with her grandchildren/children, so I took some polymer clay and my son’s fingerprint and made a …

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Rocket Easter Egg Feature

Rocket Easter Egg

My son loves the idea of Easter and baskets of candy and egg hunting, but he wants nothing to do with pastel-colored or cutesy Easter craft projects. So, when I came across this super cute, err I mean super cool Rocket Easter Egg craft kit from Target’s Spritz brand, I grabbed it right away. The …

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Lucky Teacher Appreciation Gift Feature

Lucky Teacher Appreciation Gift

Our middle school PTO likes to occasionally give our teachers little treats throughout the year. Recently, they’ve had a lot of extra stress from new testing for students, so we decided to send a little luck their way, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, with this Lucky Teacher Appreciation Gift. You can also easily …

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Lucky Charms Treat Bags Feature

Lucky Charms Treat Bags

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, these Lucky Charms Treat Bags are perfect for classmates to enjoy. This is such a simple project, so making a bunch for a whole class won’t take too long, especially if you get the kiddos in on the fun. I’m always a fan of free child labor when it comes to …

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