Die Hard Christmas Ornament Feature

Die Hard Christmas Ornament

Every year during the holidays, my family watches Die Hard. You could say it’s an unorthodox tradition, but it’s our tradition nonetheless. We were watching the movie this past summer, however, when I got the inspiration for this Die Hard Christmas Ornament. If there’s one thing that’s all over the place in that movie, it’s broken …

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DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow Feature 2

DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow

I’ve had the idea for this eyelash pillow for months and just never got around to making it because, well, my sons just aren’t into cute, girlie pillows. I met the perfect candidate a couple of months ago, though, a tween who will absolutely love getting this DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow as a gift. Pillows …

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Santa & Me Chicken Wire Frame Feature

Santa & Me Chicken Wire Frame

I have to say, I’ve had so much fun this year looking for thrifted items to makeover. When I went to Goodwill recently to find victims for my Creepy DIY Halloween Figurines, I stumbled upon this random, weirdly designed chicken wire frame on a stand thingy. I have no idea what purpose in the world it …

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