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I was inspired to make this Bright Spring Wreath because I don’t have any fun, bright Spring decor in my house at all. When I saw these willow wreath forms at Dollar Tree, I had to snatch them up even though I didn’t have an exact project in mind yet. It was when I went to Michael”s to check out their Easter clearance items that I found my last pieces of inspiration—the little wooden laser cut outs. They were 80% off of 99 cents so how could I pass up that deal? Yes, some were specifically Easter and I’ll save those for next year, but several were perfect for Spring. If you can’t find these specific ones, head over to the wood aisle and you’ll see tons of Woodsie choices there. I had the daisies on hand, but you can find cute, bright flowers at Dollar Tree easily. The bright ribbon was also a steal for $1 a spool at Dollar Tree. All in all, this cute wreath cost me less  than $5 to make. Cheap and easy may not be flattering in most situations, but for crafts, those are magic words! Let’s get to it!

Bright Spring Wreath Craft Tutorial


  • Willow Wreath Form
  • Bright-colored Ribbon in Two Colors
  • Spring-themed Wood Shapes
  • Bright-colored Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Two Bright-colored Daisies
  • Tacky Glue
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Bright Spring Wreath Materials 1

Bright Spring Wreath Materials 2


one: Paint two coats on the wood shapes whatever bright colors you choose. I chose a bright pink called Party Streamer and a bright green called Snow Pea, both by Marth Stewart Crafts. It’s your choice whether you want to paint the back as well, but I think painting both sides gives crafts a more finished look.

Bright Spring Wreath Step 1

two: While your wood pieces are drying, measure and cut enough ribbon to go around the wreath twice. I used 60 inches for my 9-inch wreath.

Bright Spring Wreath Step 2

three: Wrap the ribbon around the wreath, weaving into spaces occasionally to secure the ribbon. Tie the two tails together at the top and trim off any extra ribbon.

Bright Spring Wreath Step 3

four: Use tacky glue to glue your wood pieces together if needed. I chose to layer mine, but you could easily use one piece instead.

Bright Spring Wreath Step 4

Step 5: Pluck the flower heads off of your two bright flowers. Hot glue them closely together in the bottom left of the wreath. You want one to overlap the other so they lay flat. Let the hot glue cool.

Bright Spring Wreath Step 5

Step 6: Once your wood piece is completely dry, hot glue it to the center of the flowers.

Bright Spring Wreath Step 6

Step 7: Cut an 18-inch piece of bright ribbon. Loop it around the top of the wreath and tie the tails together in a single knot. This is your wreath hanger. You can tack it to the wreath with a dab of hot glue to keep it from sliding around of you like.

Bright Spring Wreath Step 7

That’s it! This Bright Spring Wreath delivers on its promise. What’s great is you can use this same technique on any size willow wreath. You could also swap out the bright colors for any color palette you choose. How would you make it differently?

Bright Spring Wreath Complete

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