Bride of Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

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When you have a Halloween Party or you need to make Halloween treats for school, you need to make snacks that are both fun and easy to make. Sure, if you were just making one or two, complicated is fine, but when you need to make 24, speed and ease are the  priorities! These Bride of Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops are the perfect solution, especially when paired with the Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops.

I know, you’re thinking “those don’t look easy!” But with Candy Melts and marshmallows, you can look like a master dessert maker without all those Wilton cake decorating courses. We’ll walk you through it. Let’s get started.

Bride of Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops Halloween Party Food Tutorial

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Bride of Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops



Step 1:  Push a marshmallow onto a sucker stick until the stick is completely through the top of the marshmallow and there is enough stick left on top of it for another marshmallow.


Step 2: Melt the black chocolate chips in small bowl.

Step 3: Dab a small amount of chocolate onto the top of the marshmallow and stick. Push a second marshmallow onto the stick but do not push the stick through this marshmallow.


Step 4:  Let the chocolate harden by flipping the stick over so that the marshmallows are on your working surface.


Step 5: Use a spoon to spread the black chocolate over top of the top marshmallow and slightly on the sides filling in the indentation between the two marshmallows (this is her hair).



Step 6:  On each side of the marshmallow, use the spoon and draw a chocolate line from the top marshmallow to the bottom of the second. The lines should be equally apart from one another.


Step 7:  Fill in one one side with black chocolate. You’ll be creating the back side of her hair.



Step 8:  After black chocolate is dry, melt the white chocolate in a small bowl.

Step 9: Use the end of one of the lollipop sticks to apply the white chocolate to the front of the hair, creating the white zig-zag streak in her hair. It’s best to dip small amounts on the end of the stick and only enough to do one line each time of the zig-zag.


Step 10:  Draw on the face using the food markers. Use the black to make two dots for the eyes and the red to make a heart for the lips.


Step 11: Add a dot of white chocolate to each side of the face, at the lower edge of the marshmallow’s side. These are for the “bolts” that stick out of her neck.


Step 12: Before the chocolate dots dry add one pearl sprinkle to each dot.


That’s it! Just let them dry and harden before serving. Don’t they look yummy, too? I swear you can’t go wrong with chocolate covered marshmallows when it comes to Halloween party treats or classroom snacks. These Bride of Frankenstein Marshmallow pops are no exception.


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