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Take your Halloween décor from spooky to sparkly in minutes with this Bejeweled Skull Halloween Décor project!

I spotted the cutest embellished Halloween skull decoration at Pier One and decided to make my own version. I already had a black skull on hand that I picked up from Target’s Dollar Spot for $3 and of course, I had plenty of rhinestones, glitter, and sequins on hand to complete this Bejeweled Skull Halloween Décor without leaving my craft room.

I originally made this fun skull craft when I participated in a video challenge called The Look for Less. Makers get inspiration from a more expensive store-bought item and then recreate it for less. A lot of times these are called “dupes” and I made a Pier One dupe. Be sure to watch my video to see more detailed steps on how I made it and more information about the products I used!

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Bejeweled Skull Halloween Décor Materials

Bejeweled Skull Halloween Decor Steps

1: If you don’t have a black ceramic skull, spray paint a white one with glossy black spray paint. Let it dry completely before gluing anything on it, preferably overnight.

2: Apply Clear Tacky Glue to the eye sockets and stick a Large Pearl Gem in one eye and one Silver Gem in the other eye.

I didn’t have rhinestones as large as the ones used by Pier One, so instead, I used seven medium gems on each side to cover more of the eye socket than the original.

3: I started with the eyebrows and initially chose to add the smaller tinsel glitter first and work up to the larger sequins, but that wasn’t the best way to do it. You’ll see the photos in reverse order for the eyebrows, but definitely follow the instructions I type out.

Apply clear tacky glue to each eyebrow and stick silver and star sequins on each side.

Then sprinkle silver tinsel glitter over them to fill in the small gaps and spaces. Be sure to tilt the skull over and gently tap it to remove any glitter that’s not sticking to the glue.

And finish with adding the chunky glitter to each eyebrow. Tilt the skull over again and tap it to remove any excess glitter.

4: Apply glue to the area under the right eye so it seems to drip down. I didn’t do it initially but I came back and brought the glue and embellishments down to the bottom edge of the top teeth.

Start by adding the sequins and star sequins to the glued areas. I often added more glue to each sequin to make sure it would stick well.

Add the tinsel glitter to the spaces between the sequins to fill it in. Tilt and tap to remove the extra glitter.

And then finish it off with some chunky glitter. Tilt and tap to remove the extra glitter.

5: Now we repeat the same process under the left eye but without the drip. Generously add the glue in a swath under the eye.

Then add the silver round sequins and silver star sequins as you did on the other side.

Next, top with the tinsel glitter again and be sure to tilt and tap the skull to remove any extra glitter not sticking to the glue.

And then finally, finish with the chunky holographic glitter. Tilt and tap after this round, too.

6: Move on to the left side of the chin area and swipe glue across generously.

Then continue with the embellishment process, starting with the larger pieces and finishing with the glitter.

7: For the top of the skull, you’ll switch it up a little.

Apply glue to the center front area of the top of the skull as shown. Stick various medium rhinestones to the center. I made a sort of flower pattern like I did in each of the eyes, right on the center upper forehead area, or what would be the forehead anyway, lol.

Then you’ll continue like before with the sequins and then the glitter. Let the whole thing dry completely before moving it.

That’s it! This Bejeweled Skull Halloween Décor craft is so much fun to make and despite the embellished appearance, it’s actually quite simple and quick to make. You get a big bang for your buck considering you likely have a lot of these supplies already on hand like me. I’m very tempted to use the same process for her sister skull that’s white ceramic and maybe use some black gems and glitter. What do you think?

You could even do a more colorful look using brightly colored rhinestones, sequins, and glitter! Or do all orange or another color if your Halloween decor uses something else. I think purple would look very nice and creepy but still add a pop of color if the silver just isn’t speaking to you.

I’m pleased with how this Bejeweled Skull Halloween Décor turned out and if anything, I feel like I improved upon the original inspiration piece.

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