Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card

I usually jump at the chance to make a handmade card but I was extra excited to make this Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card for my husband’s coworker because I could use pink and also personalize it with her extra cute and underused name, Clementine. How adorable is that name!? I even knew the exact pink glitter cardstock I had on hand to use. While I can easily whip up a card with nothing more than a paper trimmer and some glue, I wanted to personalize the card with her name using the writing function on my Cricut cutting machine. So since it would be writing, I may as well let it cut and if it’s going to cut, I may as well choose a pretty design from Cricut Access? If you give a crafter some paper…

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Craft Tutorial

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Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card


Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Materials

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Steps

(This tutorial is geared towards the Beginner Cricut Crafter, pros can just skip ahead and see which cartridge and fonts I used to recreate the card.)

1: Open a new project in Cricut Design Space. Select Images > Cartridges> Classically Modern Cards.

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 1

2: Click on the Just Married Card and then Insert Images on the bottom right.

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 2a

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 2b

3: Now we’re going to customize and personalize the card. While everything is still grouped together, click and drag the group until the card is the size you’d like it to be. I chose 5″ wide for mine. Make sure you’re just measuring the front or back part of the card only.
Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 3

4: While the group of images is selected, right click and select Ungroup. Delete Love Grows and Just Married then separate the images.

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 4

5: Recolor your images to match the color paper you’ll be using so it’s easier to keep each of the cutting mats organized. I used hot pink for the pink glitter. You recolor them by selecting the colored circle for each image on the right menu bar.

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 5

6: Create a text box and type “Welcome Baby” and change the font to Cricut’s Everyday Fonts-Best of Times. Create another text box and type the name of the new baby you’re welcoming. Change the font to Cricut’s Elizabeth. Or use whichever writing fonts you like.

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 6

7: Drag the text boxes over to the front of the card and position and resize them where and how you like. Select both text boxes and the main card, then right click and attach. This will ensure the words are written exactly where you positioned them.

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 7

8: Select Make it and cut your card and envelope pieces. I used four mats so that I could load and cut them quicker, but one mat works just fine. Follow the on-screen instructions and make sure to select Glitter Cardstock from the custom menu for that pink glitter. Also, have your scoring tool and marker ready to load when prompted.

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 8

9: Fold and glue the envelope at the scored lines. Insert and glue in the pink envelope liner. I recommend using dry adhesive if you’re using the craft paper–the liquids kept seeping through.

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 9a

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 9b

10: Now glue the pink glitter piece to the back of the flower cut out card front as shown. It’s hard to photograph glitter, but this card really sparkled! Fold the card in half along the score line once any glue is set.

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Step 10a

That’s it! The lions share of crafting time for this adorable Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card is spent in Design Space and the assembly is very simple and quick. As always with Cricut cards, part of the big appeal is the ability to customize and personalize. Maybe you don’t want pink for the baby, just use your color preference. I think this card is also a great idea for a baby with an uncommon name. I have one child with a name that’s never printed on anything, so whenever she gets anything personalized, she loves it a little extra.

Personalized Baby Girl Cricut Card Complete

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  1. Marie I’m in love with this card! The pinks are beautiful and this card reflects how precious and sweet babies are. I’m working on some birthday cards today, it’s one of my favorite things to do to!

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