Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Feature

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain

This Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain was crafted as a second party favor for Drew’s Star Wars themed birthday party. They were such a hit! All of his friends took them to school the next week. I will warn you that unlike the Princess Leia Polymer Clay Key Chains this one takes more time to …

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Polymer Clay Shih Tzu

Last year, the dog of a sweet lady I know from church got really sick. Her dog, Gracie, was like one of her kids. The vet basically told her that Gracie was going to die and he would make the dog as comfortable as possible. My friend was so upset. To help ease her sadness, I decided …

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Star Wars Themed DIY Party Food Table

Star Wars Theme Party

For Drew’s 7th birthday, he wanted a Star Wars Theme Party. I started really planning his party in January and slowly worked on projects as the end of February drew closer. Then it was crunch time and my mom and I spent the last week running around and cramming as many of the fine details …

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Bigfoot Tracks Cake Feature

Bigfoot Tracks Cake

Creating this Bigfoot Tracks Cake was actually pretty simple. I hate chocolate cake so I hardly ever make it and by hardly I mean never! I followed the recipe on the back of the Hershey cocoa powder container and let me tell you, something was seriously off (according to Marie). Since it wasn’t as tasty …

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Heart Thumbprint Key Chain Feature

Heart Thumbprint Key Chain

This Heart Thumbprint Key Chain is an easy make for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or a parent/grandparent birthday. I made this as a gift for my mom. My mother, like most moms, loves all things that have to do with her grandchildren/children, so I took some polymer clay and my son’s fingerprint and made a …

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Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit Themed Party

This party will take you right into Middle Earth and on a journey fit for a Hobbit! Here are all the details you will need to throw your own Lord of the Rings/Hobbit party.

Lucky Charms Treat Bags Feature

Lucky Charms Treat Bags

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, these Lucky Charms Treat Bags are perfect for classmates to enjoy. This is such a simple project, so making a bunch for a whole class won’t take too long, especially if you get the kiddos in on the fun. I’m always a fan of free child labor when it comes to …

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Magic Wizard Wands

For Drew’s Harry Potter birthday party I made all of the kids magic wizard wands. The wands were a big hit with the kids and their parents. The wands were super easy to make out of chopsticks and what I had in my leftover craft supplies. The great thing about these wands is that you can …

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