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Nothing is better for decorating for patriotic holidays than the bright red , white, and blue of the U.S. flag! Use those festive colors to make this American Flag Wreath for your door using simple party supplies.

I got the idea for this American Flag Wreath after making a few wreaths using plastic table covers, but I figured I would need to make and attach my own stars to the blue area. Imagine my excitement when I saw a plastic table cover at a store that had blue with white stars already on it! Not surprisingly, I found it in June when stores are filled with patriotic merchandise, but I’ve linked to a plastic table cover on Amazon that should have enough of the blue with white stars to cover the quarter section needed for this wreath in case you can’t find one locally. If it’s not enough, you could always take the wreath down to the 12 or 14-inch size.

American Flag Wreath hanging on door

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American Flag Wreath Materials

Materials, a wreath form, scissors, plastic table covers, tape.

American Flag Wreath Steps

1: Unfold the first part of the white plastic table cover so that the shortest side is still folded. It should be approximately 14 inches by 108 inches. By leaving this part folded, it will be much easier to cut.

Step 1, white plastic table cover.

2: Measure four inches and cut across the entire 14-inch width. Repeat and cut 18 strips total. This will give you 18, 4-inch wide strips.

Step 2a, cut strips from white plastic table cover.
Step 2b, cut strips of white plastic table cover

3: Now unfold the red table cover the same way you did the white one so that it remains folded vertically. Cut 18, 4-inch strips total.

Step 3a, unfold the red plastic table cover.
Step 3b, cut the red plastic table cover
Step 3c, red plastic table cover strips

4: If your blue table cover with white stars has a red and white striped section, you will need to cut off that portion leaving just the blue and white. Once you have that separated, fold it lengthwise and cut your 4-inch strips as you did with the red and white table covers. You will likely use the entire table cover.

Step 4a, cut off red and white section of blue and white star table cover.
Step 4b, cut blue table cover into strips

5: Now you will cut all of those 4-inch strips into 13.5-inch length pieces. Why 13.5? Because 54 divided by 4 is 13.5 and the table cover is folded into fourths. Here’s what’s cool, though. The fold marks show up right on the 13.5 measurements, so you won’t really need a ruler the whole time.

Step 5a, cut plastic table cover strips into sections.
Step 5b, cut plastic table cover strips into sections.

6: Take a bit of the tape and mark off 1/4 of the wreath area for the blue strips. It’s easy to get going with the ties and lose track of where to stop.

Step 6, tape marking wreath section

7: Starting at the first tape mark, take a 13.5-inch white strip piece and tie it around the wreath with a double knot. Tie a second one beside it, skewing them so the knots aren’t next to each other, as shown.

Step 7, plastic strips tied onto wreath form.

8: Take a 13.5-inch red strip piece and tie it around the wreath with a double knot. Tie a second one beside it, skewing them so the knots aren’t next to each other.

Step 8, red strips tied onto wreath form.

9: Repeat tieing white and red strips onto the wreath form in twos until you reach the second tape mark. It should alternate with two whites and two reds. I ended up using 72 pieces of each color.

Step 9a, alternating red and white strips tied onto wreath form.
Step 9b, alternating red and white strips tied onto wreath form.
Step 9c, red and white strips tied onto wreath form.

10: For this last section, tie all of the blue with white stars pieces around the remaining wreath section. With these pieces, you’ll want to fold them in half lengthwise because the color and print are only on one side. I ended up using 48 pieces of blue. Make sure to fluff the folded pieces once they’re tied on.

Step 10a, folded blue strip.
 Step 10b, blue strips tied to wreath form.
Step 10c, red, white, and blue strips tied to wreath form.

11: To finish the wreath off, take a 13.5 by 4-inch piece of the leftover white table cover and slide it through a couple of the ties at the top of the wreath. I used the end of a paintbrush to help get the plastic through.

Step 11, white strip inserted on back top of wreath.

12: And finally, tie it into a loop. You will use this to hang your wreath.

Step 12, white loop to hang wreath.

That’s it! This American Flag wreath has been my simplest plastic table cover wreath to date. I love how bold and bright all the colors turned out and I also like the size. Since this wreath is 100% plastic, I can confidently hang it on my front door and not worry about it getting wet or destroyed by the Florida weather. It’s also a win that it’s not tied to one specific holiday.

This wreath is perfect not just for Independence Day, but also Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, and any other day you want to celebrate and use the U.S. Flag in your home decor.

American Flag Wreath Complete, hanging on door.

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American Flag Wreath hanging on a door

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  1. It took me a couple of hours to complete and loved every minute. Instructions were spot on. My new addition to Memorial Day, and 4th of July.

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