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Hi, I’m Marie! I have been crafting practically my entire life.

I used to feel overwhelmed with unfinished projects and stockpiled craft supplies. So I taught myself how to reverse engineer projects I saw in photos and took classes to learn new skills. I combined my crafty knowledge with a talent for technical writing and training other people to create this website for you! I’ve done all the trial and error and explained in detail how you can recreate each project.
I bring the craft classroom to you!

You can get to know me better on my About Page.

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Quick Berry Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern

Uses the Berry and Single Crochet Stitches
In stock
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Detailed Crochet Pattern for a cozy, textured chenille throw blanket. So irresistibly squishy and soft!
Printable pattern instructions feature three versions: traditional abbreviated crochet terms, a crochet chart diagram, and beginner-friendly instructions with every word spelled out--no abbreviations.
Pattern includes two border options and two additional size options so you can customize your creation.

This Crochet Pattern is a Printable Download and not a finished item.

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Elle Marie Home was formerly The Inspiration Vault and all of those branded projects can still be found here through my menu or search bar. Be Inspired!

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