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Children love to play dress up and pretend to be anything from a superhero to a princess. Birthday parties are a perfect place to do that with all the themed decorations and games. This very simple 5-Minute No-Sew Capes project can be used to create a cape or cloak in any color of knit fabric you find, in 5 Minutes. Did I mention the no sew part!? All you need is a pair of scissors. For those of you who do not sew, knit fabric is self-healing, meaning the edges won’t fray when cut. It’s basically the same fabric used to make t-shirts.

This tutorial is designed for non-sewers. For those of you who know your way around a sewing machine, just skip to the measurements or reverse engineer from the photos.

5 Minute No Sew Cape Cloak Tutorial


  • 1/2 Yard knit fabric for every two capes
  • 1 Pair of sharp scissors
  • Ruler


Step 1: Measure out 18 inches of folded knit fabric. Cut the folded fabric straight along this 18-inch line. You should now have a piece of fabric measuring 60 inches by 18 inches, with the folded edge measuring 18 inches. If you only want to make one or two capes, just ask the fabric store to cut half a yard for you and this step is already done.

Cape Step 1

Step 2: Cut along this fold line. You should now have two pieces of 30 inch by 18-inch fabric. Repeat these two steps for every 18 inches of fabric. For instance, if you are making 12 capes, you’ll need 3 yards of fabric.

Cape Step 2

Step 3: Take one of the 18 by 30-inch pieces and fold it lengthwise. Lay it down flat and make sure the top edges and long edges are even.

Cape Step 3

Step 4: Two inches from the top edge, along the folded edge, cut a half circle. The half circle will be 2.5 inches deep and 4 inches long, along the folded edge. Yes, I know 5 by 4 doesn’t make a circle. Call it a half oval or rounded rectangle if you like.

Cape Step 4a

Cape Step 4b

Step 5: Starting from the top edge, cut the fabric in a curve along the two loose edges. Don’t cut down the entire length, just taper it slightly as shown in the photo.

Cape Step 5

Cape Step 5b

Step 6: If you want it to have a fancy edge at the bottom, like points for a Batman cape, or scallops for a princess cape, cut them while the fabric is still folded in half. It will be half the cuts and will make it symmetrical.

Cape Step 6

Cape Step 6b

Step 7: This fabric is perfect for iron-on transfers. You can print your own or buy them, just remember to buy the transfer paper for your printer designed for dark fabrics. You won’t like the results of other the type for lighter fabrics.

Cape Finished

Cape Front

Done! Easier than pie. Your only limit now is the color of knit fabric you can find…although, if you buy an adult XXL t-shirt, cut it in half and cut off the sleeves and neck, you can get two 18 by 30-inch pieces of knit fabric. You can also use the stretchy and shiny fabric made for swimsuits and dancewear, which would be great for running costumes as well.

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Be inspired!

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